Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Bute Wall

It's here, it has come! But before all that, don't you think it's weird if you think about your funeral too much? You know, who'll be there, who won't be there, etc.

Well, that went a different way to the way I was intending.

Yesterday I educated myself with Les Mis and I thought it was a very good movie/musical/story and it kept me singing long after I had watched Avengers, and well into the night, much to Pill's annoyance. 

Hairy Toad Callus!

We went shopping in the market, where Pill was looked at like filth by the Fishmonger, putting the mong in monger. He asked for a pound of Muscles (I don't know fish either) and the Mong looked at him in disgust.

'You want a paand?' he said in utter disgust for the question. And then went off on one about how it would leave three people wanting if they were to just have muscles. So, we walk away, instead, with 1.5 kg of Muscles instead and have loads left over. And if we do the maths, 1lbs = to about 500g, and if Pill asked for 2lbs and told the muffafucker where to go, we might not have had such a fishy evening.

Pill looked at me for guidance, but I don't know fish (or molluscs as they are) and remained silent. Needless to say we had some pasta to accompany our muscles, rather than the other way around. A very fishy meal indeed. And then the bleeping continued to happen so Pill climbed the 10ft to reach the machine of the Fire Alarm and realised that he'd prefer to have his bond back than to smash the thing off the ceiling. 

We watched Real Steel, which is a very good feel-good movie involving Hugh Jackman (Pill thinks he looks weird) and a robot with feelings - or that's implied though it's never brought back or mentioned any more than getting the thing to wake up after its had the shit kicked out of it. But, either way, 'Merica!

But I suppose I should get down to it. I've completed what I like to call the 'Friend Edit' of Bute Wall, namely the one I think I'm happy for you guys to read and let me know what you think before I go any further with it. I posted it on my other blog, the one with all my secrets on it, but I'll let you have a read if you want...here!

Have a nice day...

Carpe diem...

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