Friday, 4 October 2013


You've had an entire week of blogs!...and that's how uneventful this week has been, except last night.

Yesterday started like most days, and then it got a whole shade awesome when I purchased a new jacket from New Look, who were getting their rave on, and then I went down the Bay with the Swingers to welcome back Red to the sheltered harbour of our madness. 

We wandered around for a short while before deciding to go to Bellini's (purely because Signor Valentino was empty - that ain't no good advert) for a very nice meal. There was a lot of shared food - namely my veg and Tag's tortellini. We had wine and food and company and it was really nice, and almost all of us were dressed up (way to let the team down Tag). It was an adult evening, and yet not. It was our evening. 

Afterwards we got cocktails from Terra Nova, and then we went for a walk and finally achieved a life long ambition of getting our picture taken with the giant glowing globe. I wish I could have touched it, and I was a little disappointed that it wasn't actually bigger. Either way we left the boat place very soon before we were asked to leave ('You're not welcome.') and went for the Secret Beach. 

It was brilliantly dark (fireworks over the Bay there is going to be fantastic - possibly). We exercised on the public gym equipment, and some of us slightly abused it...

Then we started our wonderful dawdle towards Pennarth and The Custom House. We found a new nocturnal species of sea cockroach, that no one else in the world knows or has ever seen, and we saw happy ducks, evil swans with glowing orange eyes, and the Eye of Sauron before he was cool. There were also a few instances where we got to do a Kate and Leo:

The night ended rather abruptly when we were staring out at the sea and Tag pointed out a man who was staring at us (a tall white slender man). Obviously we didn't believe him, he being the moment raper, and then I turned around and saw him. We moved shortly after the discovery, and marched back to the car.

Never before has a night of walks, Lord of the Rings quotes, and Italian food ever been so eventful and wonderfully adapted by a foursome ever before, ever!

Welcome back Red, you can't say Nougat in derp...

Carpe diem...

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