Friday, 25 October 2013


Yesterday was a day of talking, and a lot of talking at that, to lots of different people. I grew, I developed, and I learnt new things about myself and the others around me. It was a very productive day, so much so that waking up to the darkness of morning was a hardship of mental exhaustion...apparently.

So there it was Coffee with Tag and the almost drunken slurs of tired people, mumbled across the beverage fumes. We didn't talk about much, just work, and writing, and life in general. Accepting that we had grown up and looked at ourselves, even at the start of this year, knowing the Starbucks staff members and pretending to be adults having coffee before work. A series of memories that just continue to be made. And then he went to work, and I went home to await my work start time.

In the meantime there was an argument with Cherry, and a discussion with Wodge. Both very productive, and nice catch-ups. But I was playing GTA at the time so conversations didn't continue for very long, until Pill and DarkHorse arrived home and I knew I had to go to work. A 5-8, weird shift wouldn't you agree? It was a staff induction for the new Christmas Temps. And I had a whale of a time. And then I returned home where Pill and DarkHorse had waited for me to serve the dinner. It was nice, and we watched TV while Pill Rimmed the Sky (nice image).

And then came bed where the conversations with Wodge and Cherry continued. I messaged Tag and Red too, but to no avail. The chatting continued long into the night, and I even got to watch a few more episodes of Downton Abbey - don't worry it's almost over...and then I can watch it live on telly.

So remember, don't listen to the voices, don't over think, and above all, don't picture any number of possibilities and get your tail in a spin. I seriously think some of us need to consult a head doctor at one point or another.

4 days down, only 7 to go. You guys keep me sane. Keep doing that, and I'll keep pretending to be a needy sonofabitch.

Today's feel good song is...

Surrender to the Strawberry Ice Cream and have a superb day, you brilliant people! Carpe diem...

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