Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Hi, I'm Tom and I'm an addict...

Well I wouldn't go so far as to say addict but I have been playing an awful lot of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, and namely it's multiplayer. Now, if I was someone else I'd probably go ahead and tell you it's good bits and its bad bits in a sort of review type thing, but I'm not someone else, I'm me, and as such I'm just going to tell you that it's great.

You'd enjoy it I'm sure.

But that's not the only reason I find myself writing today, no today I found myself marking work like a teacher or a lecturer. I didn't actually find anything, well much, wrong with the piece - as you know Brady - and all I actually did was suggest things which might strengthen or weaken the piece, depending on what it's original writer wanted it to do in the first place. And damn, I thought to myself, is this really what teachers/lecturers do?!

What else should I tell you today?

Well I received a letter from the Cardiff International Poet Competition inviting me to the award ceremony. I don't quite know whether or not this is a good thing. Either way I cannot go due to a tragic case of having to sun myself next to an Italian Pool when the ceremony is taking place. So I don't quite know whether that'll effect my chances of winning. It probably won't.

As for the holiday itself I'm almost packed and have everything I need to take and have and take, did I already say that one? Anyway, I've got my stylish hold-ors collectively stacked one on top of the other and ready to be shipped. Before I get away with this wonderfully homosexual or feminist image of multiple bags I shall quit while I'm ahead. I've not packed, and I'm limited to a small bag and a carry-on - OoooooooooooOOOooooooOoooooh Maaaatron! No, not that sort of carry on.

Anyway I should probably get back to killing my friends and some strangers...on Brotherhood of course. I'm not a homo. And that's a homicidal not GAY!

And yes, a friend of mine, the Master has recently rejoined the ranks of the bloggers, and I think you should read her here. She has some unfortunately funny situations on there and they're all true, as unbelievable as they might be. Enjoy!

Carpe diem, until next time bloggers...

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Silver Clios and 30 Rock...

Well as I was exhausted after doing barely anything on Wednesday - after Graduating on Tuesday. Oh yes, I've Graduated. Pictures on Facebook, enjoy.

Either way, on Wednesday it was the 6th July 2011. Now if you didn't know - and I don't think you do, the 6th July 2010 was the first and only time HB Sauce asked me out.

I have only, at the moment, 3 major failures in my life, and messing up at 11pm on 6th July 2010 is my number one. Which is a pity because, right now, that I'm living at home, and not with my makeshift family back in Carmarthen, every single Silver Renault Clio I see, I hope its hers. Damnit! This is getting too sad now.

Its also rather strange seeing as everyone back in Bridgend thinks that HB and I should be together because they're all pushing for it as well. Its like the Universe is speaking to - well just me actually.

Okay, so plans for becoming the man HB wants:
1. Learn how to drive - Not only will this be excellent for my confidence but if I know how to drive then I can be spontaneous more often and take her out at the drop of a hat. And surprise her and the like.
2. Vin Diesel it up. Not only will it be good for my self-esteem and my overall health, but if I look sexy then there's always the hope.
3. Become the Breadwinner. If I have a good job, then obviously my life is going to be easier, and I will be able to do the whole learning how to drive and getting a car, the insurance, and move out eventually.

So I've got to stick to those things and all will be well.

But for now I will return to 30 Rock, which is a brilliant American Comedy to rival How I Met Your Mother. It stars Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin, and what else can I say but watch it!

Carpe Diem, until next time bloggers...

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Carry On Carping...

Carpe Diem, Seize the Day! That's how our ceremony began and ended.

If you didn't know or didn't realise, today I Graduated, Officially, from the Halls and Residence and Educational Confines and Safety of Trinity Saint David, University of Wales.

The ceremony was fantastic, well in comparison to all the other ceremonies I've ever been to. We were all wearing the same robes, no one cried, there was an orchestra and a comedian present to lighten the mood. Formalities over with I really enjoyed myself.

We all had numerous pictures taken, and looked wonderful - I even looked SEXY, dare I say.

And there were even three parts of news or advice that I received today:

1. Carpe Diem, as I've said already, Seize the Day! We were told this at the very beginning of our degree and so we are told it at the end. And what good advice it is - even if it was told to you by a complete imbecile.

2. "I don't think your mark was entirely fair." These being the words of one Dr Susan Drake, who was sorry she didn't mark my conference piece and didn't think I should have gotten the mark I recieved. She praised me with "it was very entertaining." To which I replied, "I think that was my only criticism." Which in all fairness it wasn't, but I made that joke anyway.

3. Carry on with your Epic Fantasy. These being the words of Dr. Paul Wright who was either very proud of me, or just terribly glad I had something to fall back on if my Poetry, which was the comparison piece here, failed. Its too rhymey.

Anyway, a very good day, saying good bye to everyone, and saying hello to people I've never met before. It's been a very busy day, and I think I shall sleep well tonight.

Carpe Diem, until next time bloggers...

Monday, 4 July 2011

PAT Test Man and Other Worthless Superheroes #4...

And now the moment you have all been waiting for. This season's finale of your favorite PAT Test Man - I bring you Episode 4 of 'PAT Test Man and Other Worthless Superheroes'...enjoy.

Dr. Wright and the Irish Drake flew into action smashing, crashing, crunching, booming, kaplowing themselves into existence and into Estatron's non-existence. Estatron's existence was kaploaded into nothing and that nothing was spread up and down the corridor covering the walls and ceilings and doors. Though it did not tarnish the electric blue and purple spandex of Dr Wright or the sparkly red and green of the Irish Drake.

With Estatron's corpse completely obliterated, his hold on the Student building was released and the Student's were free to roam the halls again.

"Are you?" asked a completely combuzzled student.

"That's right, it is Us, Dr. Wright and the Irish Drake" said the Irish Drake before both she and he flew away.

"Wow, that was them," continued the combuzzled student.

The Irish Drake and Dr. Wright, who is never wrong, flew across campus, hovering over the Porter fights. Sperminator was zapped by the Irish Drake's fire - her pet dragon decided to appear and munch down on some of the bad Porters. All this time Student Body felt her strength returning to her, her strength returned she joined in the fight, and released the Lecturers. The Lecturers, equipped with the tools of their trade, joined in the fight. The Council Workers, came back from being destroyed and also joined in the all out war.

There were so many bad Porters that needed culling.

With Student Body, Dr. Wright, the Irish Drake, the Students, PAT Test Man, Student Body's Ninja Team, the Irish Drake's Dragon named Folper, HASP, the Sperminator who was impervious to fire damage, the Lecturers, and the Council workers, all out war was being fought on the grounds of the Campus.

And in all the mayhem and all the blood and fire and all the PAT Testing action, Dr. Wright stopped and said:

"This doesn't exist." And because Dr. Wright is never wrong everything that was happening, stopped happening, all the fires died down, all the blood drained away, and the mayhem ceased. Though the one thing that did not stop was the PAT Testing. Because PAT Test Man was protected by Dr. Wright's logic. And all was well.

But that's me, until next time bloggers...

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Sunshine, Tennis, and Nothing Much Else...

Yep, I've been my least productive since, well, ever.

I don't think I've ever been this lazy. I'm always thinking about doing things, but right now I'm eating things I don't want to, my Vin Dieseling has certainly taken a step back, things I should have been writing I haven't been writing (like this), things I've been thinking about writing I've not been writing, and things that have planned to be written haven't been written. I've also not done a lot of living, preparing for this Italian holiday of mine, and I've been eating far too much, even in my opinion!

I wondered where I got the weight from, that would be my mother's cooking, and her insistence on seconds. And she wonders why she wont lose weight! I think I've expanded by just being here - I hope my suit still fits. Its only been a week since I bought it.

My room is now looking less of a storage space, but it's still not far off one, and I've even found that xbox seems like a chore - which is something I never want to say again. I say it now, because I don't mean it. Every time I get on the Xbox there always seems to be something I have to go do, right at that moment.

I'm busier now at home than I was at university, its annoying, and giving me a headache - which, yet again, came back yesterday and surprised me with an entire left brain explosion of pain.

Though at least I got to watch the Tennis - that was good. And I should watch Camelot before Stolen tonight on BBC 1 with Damian Lewis!

I also really want to write something good. I've been worrying about the future today. After my holiday its CVs, Driving Lessons, and the Big Wide World. Hopefully writing will take my mind off things and keep me active.

Perhaps I'll write the Panto for the winter time. And the Tv Series for next year, with a few friends.

But that's me, until next time bloggers...