Tuesday, 22 October 2013


I think the likelihood of me living with Pill next year has dropped dramatically since he announced that Caerphilly might be an option. I don't know whether he was being serious or being a dick, but either way the amount of one bed unfurnished flats for under £500 in the surrounding area is a bit scarce, but that's just within a quarter mile from here. How nice is this place?

I think it's a bit odd thinking Caerphilly, although quite nice (I've passed through it on occasion), is a possibility. I have friends from there who have difficulties getting to work due to train and public transport problems and just think it's only 20 mins away by train (he said sarcastically). And if they do move there I can see them becoming more and more detached from our little sect. Which I suppose, as they are engaged now, would have probably happened anyway. Either way, the announcement has certainly made me reconsider his motives. 

He's also started this thing of seeing how far I'll go to help out or be generous to my friends, and enjoys telling me I've failed every time I do something useful. I believe he's testing me, or conditioning me, I'm not entirely sure. I don't think he likes how I said I was going to get everyone something for Christmas anyway. I do every year, so I don't know why I should stop now. And I don't even know why we still do Secret Santa if we all have money now. I doubt I'm going to stop being myself but he's starting to make it difficult. 

He's also started pushing me a lot (I'm not sure whether that's for my own good or not), saying I should probably start writing again, and when am I going to start writing again, and what am I currently writing, and just stuff like that. I keep telling him that I haven't stopped writing, which is true in a sense, and not so true in others. I am currently planning a NaNoWriMo I think, though I'm not sure I'll get much time to do anything in November - but all, I'll say is Real Magic 2: Magic Just Got Real, might be a thing...

I was really quite tired and laidback last night, so to have all this conversation and all the while speak with Lee (a nice guy), Pill's Mentor, about life, life stories, and radiation, gave me a headache and I actually went to bed early (about 10:30)...

I'm really enjoying all the Imagine Dragons songs I've been linked too (thank you Red, you were right). And I've also realised that I've heard some of them before without actually knowing they were Imagine Dragons. Who knew?

It's raining rather dramatically at the moment. I'm concerned that the river might swell too much a wash this place all away. I hope not. Have a brilliant day guys...

Carpe diem...

P.S. Has anyone noticed that this last month's blog titles could be seen on the back of an Album? Perhaps I'll write and sing all the songs...
  1. Waking Up Alone
  2. An Odd Quickie
  3. Nothing At All
  4. Bangers And Mash And Zombies
  5. Over-Achieving Blowjob
  6. Cinema Grill
  7. Drugs Help
  8. And I Will Always Be With You
  9. Quiet Contemplation
  10. Bay?
  11. If I Ever Stray
  12. The Birthmas List
  13. Bute Wall

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