Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Nov Eb Ner...

I just bought some music I've been planning on buying for a while, namely some Imagine Dragons and the rest of Frank's Album, that I neglected to believe existed. But then I saw a category called TV Music, and found the Advert Music section, so I now have things like Icona Pop 'I Love It' and Masters in France 'Playin with My Friends'...

Happy PayDay morning to me. 

It's almost time for a day off, just 2 days to go, and the dawning of a month I know oh so well. November holds, for me, a lot of happiness and other life events. I've always had a birthday in it, and despite my complete lack of birthdayness, I don't think I've ever been disappointed with a birthday (okay, maybe the 18th, but the 19th, 20th, and 21st, were epic.) But soon I'll be 24. Just a number at the end of the day, and no time what so ever in the actual span of life that I plan on receiving (perhaps I'm tempting fate), though, I know now that all the people I know, and enjoy my time with, I want with me, throughout. No matter what. 

And I don't think I will be doing Movember. 

Things with Pill and I are going okay. We know we're not going to be living together forever, and now we're actually talking about getting a temporary flat, large enough, and without damp, for me, he, and DarkHorse to reside in quite comfortably. And in town of course. 

I completed my Birthmas List for Mother the other week, and sent it in a nice note/letter/email which sort of went like this:
Hello Santa-Mother, this year I would very much like to be healthy, wealthy, and wonderfully stealthy: however, in the unlikelihood of you being able to provide any of that, I would like any number of the following things:
- All the stuff I wanted...
And I believe that's it for now. I know you have your own ideas Santa-Mother, and I'll be grateful to see those as well. Hope you are well, enjoy the North Pole.
Thomas Edward Ajax-Lewis,
The house without a fireplace,
And gladly, as my mother is my mother, she played along in the response, which went like this:
Thank you little boy for your email to Santa, we shall see what we can do this end. Do not worry that you have no fireplace because Santa Mother is very stealthy and will find a way to deliver your presents as long as you have been a good little boy!
Santa’s helper. xx
So yes, things seem to be okay this week. Though life does like to change. Partying and Fireworks on the Weekend for Red's Birthday, and I'm gonna have to walk to the post depo on Friday to collect what I assume are her presents. If they're not, I don't know what else it could be...

Carpe diem you brilliant people!... 

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