Saturday, 30 April 2011

284 Days Later...

Well this is going to be a very long film...

So the time is almost here. Yes that's right, its the time at the end of things when I like to summaries everything I managed to do while I was doing the thing. A recap if you will. Only this isn't a recap or a summary - not this blog at any rate.

No I'm here to inform you all, that as of the 24th June I will have my results, and on the 5th July I will be graduating from, I'm not sure where yet, I think they'll change the name at least twice over breakfast tomorrow and a few more times before lunch. Either way its almost been 284 Days since this year has begun and her I type before you now.

If you didn't know I spent the last two weeks of my Easter holiday at home, which is nice and all, but not so good if you've got a degree to finish and you can't do much work because you're doing housework or gardening. And now that I have returned to Carmarthen I find myself unable to start anything due to this two-weeks of worklessness. So hopefully those gears should kick start with an early morning tomorrow, leisurely striding into the day, with casual breaks of video games in between (Hi Tag!).

I may also be in need of a job around August time due to this perfect getaway in southern Italy at the end of July. I need a holiday, I've not been on holiday in 7 Years, and even then I've not flown anywhere - YAY! Anywho, back on the job search, I've been constantly informed by my good friend HB Sauce (she's a very good artist, you should view here gallery here) that there are no jobs for writers of anything in this country, because all the other writers got a head start and have those jobs now. So I'm thinking about detaching myself away from everything I know and love and moving to California where, I'm inform by HB, the only good jobs reside. How would that be? A nice long holiday in a sunny, stormy, earthquake, disaster movie, area?

Meh, I need something new to keep me moving. I hope to God I won't be saying 'Would You like Fries with that?' at the end of the Summer...oh wait I forgot, I'm over qualified for that job now.

Unless of course you guys know of any jobs going?

But that's me, until next time bloggers...

Monday, 4 April 2011

Settling in for the Easter Blizzard...

We now return you to your scheduled programming:

Hi Guys, I've not done this in nearly a week, I thought I ought to fill y'all in. Basically the inspections are over, my re-do 21st Birthday Party is all organised I just need guests now, lectures that were on next week are being canceled due to the fact that Easter begins on Friday, and during the Easter break I not only have my whole party thing, but a lot of work and reading to do.

There you are filled in. Does it feel good? (err, creepy)

I'm going to get a haircut most of you will be pleased to here because at the moment it looks a little something like this -

All Business in the front and party in the back, well not that extreme.

I'm cleaning my notice boards at the moment, they're looking quite barren and bare (like cupboard porn!) So I need to fill them again - any ideas?

Quite a bit of work ahead of me now, but that doesn't mean the blogs wont continue coming. Don't you just love me?!

Also, an apology to Tag and Cherrybelly (Hi Guys!) I sent you a text last night which had the word 'Bastards' in, please change that word to 'Custard' and see if you change your mind - bloody predictive text!

Also, congrats to India on winning the World Cup - I know you made one of my followers happy.

But that's me, until next time bloggers...

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