Wednesday, 23 October 2013

It's Only Wednesday...

So, I read something yesterday that seemed to hit the nail on the head and leave a couple of feelings in me, the first being, glad I'm not alone, and the second being things always look greener on the other side. I shan't go into details, but I will say that I told Pill last night that if he moves out of Cardiff, I shan't be going with him. I'm not ready to go back to small town living, no matter how cheap it is. He seemed quiet sad and taken aback by my decision and then went on a rant about how he actually hates this house and how he can't sleep and shit like that. 

I might offer to swap rooms with him as he doesn't like the lights or the noises and the like, but I don't think all his furniture will fit in this room. One of his arguments for me staying with him was to get a bigger place, and I'm not sure that was entirely for my benefit. 

I find it odd that almost all of my friends are thinking of moving somewhere else: Caerphilly, Bath, Italy... Perhaps I'm seeing everything through rose-tinted glasses. I like to think couples love each other and have no problems in the world, I like where I live, but obviously no one else does, and strangely enough I do enjoy most movies. Maybe I just don't have as high standards in some parts of my life as I do with others.

And strangely enough I was in a conversation with someone who moved to Bath and I mentioned that a couple of my friends wanted to move there and they replied that although the pyramids are beautiful, you wouldn't want to live there and lose the magic would you? I thought it was an interesting point. 

Don't you love those little things that make your week go by even quicker and make you think its an awesome day? I had one of those moments last night, and Monday morning. You may remember it was pouring down on Monday, and as I walked to work I turned the corner into St Mary's Street and faced the storm head on. As I passed the Goat Major the rain stopped, the clouds parted slightly, and the Sun rose over the rooftops of Cardiff for the shortest of seconds...

And the second thing happened to me last night as I walked back and Passenger started to play on my iPod as I crossed Cardiff Bridge. I stopped for a short while just listening to the lyrics and watching the river beneath one of those fake lanterns. It was a good moment. 

Have a bodacious day! Carpe diem...

Waking Up Alone... (a working progress, and off the cuff set of lyrics that have no melody just yet and probably won't make sense and sound more poetical than anything)

In the morning light, when it felt so right
I woke up next to you, next to you.
Your warmth in my arms and your thoughts on my pillow,
A perfect moment made of dreams

But recently I've been waking up alone, waking up alone.
Where have you gone? We were special
The thing of dreams, the thing of dreams

(Meh, that's a bit crappy, but this album won't write itself!)

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