Sunday, 20 November 2011


Well as some of you have asked me what my story is about - here's my basic plot...

Although, because it involves some people you might know, even by their basic codenames in this blog I'm just going to tell you the characters right now and get it over with: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and Me. Ha, ha, now it's almost really difficult for you to figure out who anyone is, apart from myself. I thought of this idea in my second year, returning to uni on the train, and it occurs between the 1st Novembver and the 30th, for obvious reasons (i.e. NaNoWriMo takes place between those dates). So without further ado, here's the basic premise:

I am returning to uni after a thrilling home where I attended a Halloween party, it's not really relevant, anyway on the train ride I realise my phone doesn't work and then the train stops working a bit. We manage to get to the station and I walk up the hill, in the pouring rain, and get welcomed back into the flat (do you guys remember the flat?) by A and G.

Okay, nothing untoward just yet. Then the power goes out, and we hang out in the kitchen, just chatting, and worrying about our frozen food, and given that it's dark, and we don't actually have any lights we all just go to bed and call that that.

Then my phone works again, and I have missed calls from my Mum, I phone her back. She says stay put we're coming to get you. A bit odd, so I ignored it. We went to the Union to find out the news. There's no one there, everything is locked up. At the Attic Bar we see our first griffin. A bit frightening, but go with it. So we all make it back to the flat, the skies filled with griffins eating starlings. We pass a group of Minotaurs, Ogres and a small Dragon fighting over the field of dead cows. With me so far?

Anyway, hungry, we plan a trip to Tesco in the dark, because we don't think the griffins and other things we encountered work in the dark. We watch the 'Baaing Flat' get eaten by the pride of griffins, and we leave it at that. (It's nice to get your revenge in literature) Getting to Tesco, easy, getting it, medium, getting out, hard. The army have taken over the store, keeping the reserves rationed. Goblin mine collapses, goblins attack with stone tools, the army guns don't work, fight ensues.

C is shot with an arrow in the back, B says that they'll stay with C and for the rest of us to go, G says they'll stay too. I should say at this point that D isn't with us. So, A, E, F, and myself leave them, thanks to our survival instincts. We hide in a church, have the same heavenly prophetic dream and decide to go see D, although it's a dangerous journey across many miles.

We meet a wizard's apprentice named Sanil, and have many more adventures and run-ins with the army and magical things on our way to the final Act - which I haven't written yet, nor will I tell you until it has been.

So, what do you think? I know you Tag, you're trying to figure out who everyone is, unless you've done it already. Just know that this is the U version of events, it's a fanfic of my own life (well, sort of) and as such many details have been left out of this brief synopsis.

Did you like it? If you didn't then by all means comment, if you did then by all means comment. But in either case I think you should check this out - here - it's something I drew, and I'm not proud of it, but I will be working to make it better.

I think that's all I shall speak of right now,

Carpe diem, until next time bloggers...

Friday, 18 November 2011

A Cup of Tea And A Slice Of Skyrim...

Well I say a slice of Skyrim, and I say a cup of tea, what I really mean is a damn sight more than a slice of the almighty legendary godly game that is Skyrim and a teeny bit more than just one cup of tea.

So, probably thirty-five teas, seventy-two coffee's, and nearly a full twenty hours sent playing Skyrim later I have returned to you my fellow following loyalists. Or should that read loyal fellow followers? Anywho, I've been well, though I think I'm now coming down with some wintery bug or another, which sucks tremendously.

The job search continues, I waited nearly a month to hear from just about anyone since my first CV-spree, and yet again I found myself doing it again today, and yet again I found nothing - well I say nothing. Comet on the other side of Bridgend (yes I walked all that way) took a CV off me - so I call that a 100% improvement from a month ago - they didn't take any last time, and now I shifted one! Yay me!

I know what you're thinking, is that sarcasm or is that actual excitement? Well, in truth, it's a bit of both. Sure I feel that, due to my graduate status (though that's not enough to get a graduate job, no I needed a 2.1 for that), I feel that I'm too good for a job as a Warehouse Associate, though the other part of me is saying, just grin and bare it, it's money, and no one truly dreams of a career in a Comet store. Do they? Either way, they took my CV, and I'm grateful. Next steps, actual Career moves - watch this space for more! (now don't I sound cool?)

So after that completely demoralising day-out and generally poor week (if you don't include Monday and Tuesday which were completely awesome - and I should probably tell you about them), I'm quite tired - but a tired man's work is never done. I have been trying to do NaNoWriMo - as you know - and I haven't really done any this week so I plan on doing a Write-A-Thon type thing to catch up soon. At the moment my total stands at 13,625 words, were my estimated total by today should be closer to 36,000 words. Okay, so I've got a lot of catching up to do, but I think the story's going to be quite good, even if the English and grammar isn't. And in saying that I'm sure you won't ever read it because, as I've described it before, it's a sort of fan-fiction of my own life. Sad isn't it? I'm my own fan. But then if others aren't who else are you going to turn to?

Anyway, NaNoWriMo-fails behind, Monday and Tuesday were the days of this week that I set aside for my Birthday, so presents, meals, more meals, gaming, presents, movies, meal, and more presents again. Which was absolutely brilliant, and what was even better was reliving my student days with a Midnight trip to Tesco with the lovely HB Sauce - cold coffee and talking, what better way to end a brilliant celebration of my getting older. I'm 22 now - look, look! I caught up!

BTW HB, I haven't had time to use my completely superb present yet, but Saturday comes, and cereal needs to be eaten! (Pictures to follow).

I think that's it for now. Until the next time I moan, let's see what I can do. Perhaps get some work experience in a newspaper or a publishing house - ah one can dream.

Carpe diem, until next time bloggers...

P.S. Truth, from now until my next blog I will answer any question you have for me completely truthfully - so give me your best shot.

P.S.S. Movember Update: as some of you have already seen, my Mo is a bit pathetic, but the only thing stopping me getting rid is the knowledge that you guys are sponsoring me. And if you haven't - it's for a good cause, so just click here and donate now!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The 92nd Amendment...


So it's been a while yet again. And I don't think I have an excuse this time. Not one excuse, which isn't like me.

I've recently discovered Coffee, which is either a good thing or a bad thing. I think I had a withdrawal thing this morning, to which I drank and the pain went away. I could be addicted. Hmm...

Anyway, this was only ever going to be a quick hello and a tell you how I'm getting on. I'm writing a NaNoWriMo entry this year, and I'm already 15,000 words behind where I want to be on the 9th November, but that's like a day's work, right?

I'm also growing my mustache for Movember. I know, I know, stop laughing - I probably won't end up like this:

But here's a video explaining everything about Movember:

And here's my progress video:

So please Sponsor My Mo here. I think that's about it. I'll try to update more and more as the year dies. It's my birthday next week, and I don't know what I'm doing for it just yet, perhaps I should figure that one out now.

Carpe diem, until next time bloggers...