Thursday, 3 October 2013

If Ever I Stray...

There are more minutes in a moment, than you can expect years in a lifetime...

That is a. very depressing, and b. very beautiful (I think). I'm not sure if it makes sense, but I thought about it while listening to a bit of Frank (If I Ever Stray) and I think I might add it to the series of one-line beauties that I've been coming up with recently...

Sure, they're not all good, but I'll eventually hit the nail on the head.

Yesterday, I went clothes shopping and bought very little. Remember how I don't want anything? Well, turns out that's an issue when I start shopping. And it's getting increasingly annoying, because I just tried on a few jackets that used to fit me, and realised just how much smaller I am to how I was almost a year ago (that's a lie, perhaps 8 months). I'm living a more sociable, healthy, and productive lifestyle, and I'm loving it. This week's been hellish though. I've had three days off alone now, and the madness didn't settle in once, can you believe it?! It has been boring though. I managed to complete Bute Wall, and I started playing a new game since finishing Saints, and I have helped Cherry set up her new website for Curiouser and Curiouser (her bookshop) - that was fun, and reminded me of the creative collaborations we used to have. Maybe I'll go back to the drawing board with

GG has started asking me for more comics (Red, you haven't met her yet), and by God, I hope to supply. I've just got to think of all the funny stuff we've been up to - obviously introduce Red as a character (as everyone else already is) - I have been working on a group picture, in a slightly un-badly drawn, and yet badly drawn style. If I get it to a stage I like, perhaps I'll show you. 

And then there's the Skyrim Escapades. I told Pill last night, that if he was to start playing Skyrim, I would have to start playing again, to which he said something along the lines of, he'll be playing it, and won't bother investing in any new games and when the 360 peters out of use, he'll not buy another console because he's got better things to do with his time. And then I said to him, but why don't you do all that stuff anyway, even though you've got an xbox? And his reply was that he had an xbox, so he wouldn't get any of that done. 

I looked at him oddly and chose not to argue back. I don't know about you, but if you've lost your self-control to a games console, and want to be doing something else other than gaming, then surely you would get the fuck away from your console and go do something 'better' (or his perception of better) with your life? Wouldn't you? I like to think I would. 

I use gaming as a release, and I don't game very often, as I have many an outlet (this, the secret blog, actual writing, occasional artistry, walking, exercise, etc), but I don't think Pill has any hobbies bar drinking and magic the gathering. 

Out with the guys tonight! It's gonna be good to see them all again - though saying that Tag and I had some drinks yesterday, and had manly chats (as we could and should do more often).

See you later!

Carpe diem...

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