Sunday, 29 September 2013

The Fire Goes Bleep...

The Fire Alarm out in the corridor has been bleeping for almost three days now. You can imagine the psychological effect it's having on everything - except me, because I'm not that weak minded that a bleep every 2, 5, and 10 minutes bothers me (it did disturb me the first half a day it did it, but it's grown on me)...

I feel like I should tell you my rota this week, so you can stalk me and somewhat plan around it so we can all figure out when we're free and somewhat be awesome together:

- Today: 9:30-5:30
- Monday: Off
- Tuesday: 10-7
- Wednesday: Off
- Thursday: 10-7
- Friday: 10-7
- Saturday: 10:30-7:30

Needless to say, my 10-7's are the usual, so I can always meet you guys afterwards and I start late enough in the morning to have enough sleep and everything. 

My Saturday night involved finishing all the TV I've been watching and I finished House of Cards (so good!) and then, when Pill and DarkHorse returned, we started watching The Last Airbender. Turns out, I'd only seen the beginning of it before, oh God! Why did I watch the whole thing?! Pill and DarkHorse went to bed not too far into the poorly paced, scripted, made movie...

My eyes! The horror, the horror!

Anywho, the Sun is now rising, and I've got to get back to proper work. I've not felt right in work for about a week now, unsettled, and unpredictable. I suppose it's because I've not had a proper day of work in about a week. And I've not had Le Lake Poob Grub either. It's been a long week, and it's going to be a longer one now that Red is also going away for work this week. Lucky we had that awesome Drinks/Hitchhikers/Drinks/Lap Dance Week before all of this.

Ah, good times...

Out on the weekend? Of course!

Carpe diem...

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