Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Drained Of Life...

Without a shadow of a doubt, I don't think I've ever been this tired before in my life (undoubtedly I've said that before when I've been tired, but roll with it)...

It must have been about 3am when the headache began, and then the ghosting dreams, and then I remember hearing Pill moving around in his room before slamming the door to go to work at 6am, and then upstairs' alarm went off at 7:10am, and then finally mine at 7:30am. 

My eyes are bloodshot, and it doesn't really bode well for my 4:30am start tomorrow. Roystone yo! Maybe I'll just pack tonight at call it a 5am start. That doesn't make it sound any better. 

Either way, I'm now ready for work. Work you say? But Tuesday is your day off? True, true, it is. But then it's not a full day of work either. 10-12:30ish. It's for more training (for the good news at work thing), which means I won't get an actual day off until Saturday, which also means I didn't savour my last day off last Wednesday.

I'm just complaining because I'm tired. I wouldn't describe myself as grumpy, more like irritable. 

And because I'm tired I can't really think of anything else to say (just being honest).

I'll tell you what, last week was a very awesome week in the life of me. From Bake Off Bolognese, to Drinks, to Drinks and Hitchhikers, to Drinks and Lap Dances. This week is currently struggling under it's own weight, and I'll be glad to take it out the back and put it out of its own misery. However, with all the fatigue and shit, I can appreciate that the Birthday Month is almost upon me (and Red) and as of yet I've not got any plans, but then when do I do? 

Perhaps just a nice meal at the Meating Place or the Potted Pig. Hmm, maybe we should arrange Viva Brazil for next weekend?

Would you look at that, I managed to talk about something else. Have a nice day guys...

Carpe diem...

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