Monday, 23 September 2013

A Small Night Out To Remember...

Saturday Night was one of the best Saturday Night's I've had in a while (a wh-ile!)...

After nothing more than a miraculous recovery from Tag and Cherry on the 'Nah we'll stay in' front. It took a little persuasion, and by far a lot more speculation on their behalf than I had ever heard before - jumping from serious secrets, to being gay, to other more fantastical conclusions before Tag phoned me up and demanded I told him.

Needless to say, I did tell him my reason for celebrating (I can't really tell you, or let the world know, but it's a good work related thing, don't worry yourselves), and the couple reconsidered their stance on 'Pub?'

Arriving at Le Lake Poob probably an hour after everyone else, I bought pitchers of cocktail and pints. We drank and pondered about each other's days. Cherry went into Waitrose (very poe-sh), Tag spent all day doing an IQ test on his new phone (turns out, guessing most of the answers - excuses excuses - gets you a pretty O-K score too), and Red had had another bad day in phone world and wondered if I had noticed her hair change. I had noticed before she said anything though, needless to say, I've learned never to point something out and compliment someone about it before being prompted to do so - apparently it's kinda creepy or something...

Either way, compliments were passed, Red and I did the IQ test. We forced Siri to frape (my frap!) people and Red slammed Tag's head against the table. We laughed and relaxed in the only way we knew how. Ordered some Burgaz! and got on with the show. Tag couldn't finish his burger so Red finished it, and then I stole Red's morsel of burger, and Cherry ate up her entire plate, including Tag's chips. 

After another pint we adjourned to the downstairs next to the dance floor and became watched by the bouncers. We couldn't go out the back way, we couldn't dance on the tables, but we could sit on a sofa Friends style, Whistle While We Worked It, spied on the other dancers and all their faults, and lap danced for each other. Obviously the girls were better at it than the boys (sorry Tag, not for the boys), it's like its genetically passed down through the generations - or they watch far too much telly and practice that shit too often.

Damn, I'm an awful dancer.

Anywho, the night went on and we walked through the Zombie Apocalypse that Cardiff on a weekend, resembles, and found Gloria in the Gentlemen's Club (gigity). Tag gave me a lift home and that was that. The small taster of a night out, not fully realised because we had bags and coats and shit (and work in the morning).

I'll be up for doing more of the same next week too. Oh, there were shots too - but we've got to go get some Absinthe from Las Iguanas (70% yo!) if we want to start and do a night out we'll never forget (mainly because we'll forget it).

Carpe diem...

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