Monday, 2 September 2013

Nothing Really...

Inevitably, quite simply nothing happened yesterday, and I was fine with it...

It feels a little odd to be going back to work again today, Pill made sure I got up well before my alarm by slamming the front door particularly hard this morning. So, I've had my breakfast, I'm having my coffee and I was just going through Frank Turner (we're going to see him!) videos - I didn't know there was a video for Wessex Boy.

With my Sunday, Pill and DarkHorse took us to the big Tesco to buy certain more supplies that we failed to get the other day at the market, and then we came back home and watched three or four movies followed by a couple of episodes of Black Butler (a weird anime. I don't think I'll watch much more). 

Have you guys seen House of Cards? I've been watching it since Spacey's speech about television, and I'm really enjoying it. It's dark, smart, and occasionally funny. I just don't like how predictable it is, but I think that's my only gripe. And then for some reason we started talking about Pokemon Series 1. Did you know it took place over a year an a half (81 episodes), and if we were to watch them all it would take us 27 hours. And that's just from Pallet Town to Indigo Plateau.

I've eaten a lot of crap in the past week. Pill likes to remind me. He's started telling me what I can and can't eat as well - and it's mostly for my own good, but when he says it because he wants something I was going to have, it annoys me.

I feel like I wasted my Sunday. I didn't need to do anything, but it felt like I should have done. And then this happened...

And continued to happen until I was long asleep. 

This post is really about nothing. And that's a bit weird, because I don't like writing about nothing. But sometimes you've just got to write, and write, and write. It's not all going to be good, but sometimes it might be. Damn I miss proper writing. Luckily, I've got Bute Wall to edit now - that'll give me something creative to do, and I've been thinking about the Badly Drawn Adventures and the Skyrim Escapades a lot recently too.

That's enough babbling for now I think.

Carpe diem...

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