Wednesday, 18 September 2013

High Bake Off Fidelity...

Needless to say, this day off isn't really required because I've only been in work for two days, but I'll take it nonetheless, and I'll regret it if I don't, so where do I start?

Like most Tuesdays, it was an ordinary day until about Lunchtime when I connected my phone to Game's Free WiFi (shhh, they don't know we can do that from our side of the wall), and received an invite to Tag and Cherry's for bolognese and Bake Off. Who was I to refuse such a kind offer? I asked whether or not I could invite Pill (he's always going on about how he never gets invited anywhere) and I did. Thankfully, as we had already had this discussion (me and he), he couldn't come out due to time restraints, i.e. he wouldn't be able to stay for very long and therefore decided not to come.

It was no bother to me, and instead of rushing home after work to gather a few over night things, switch off my alarm clock, and other shit like that, I ran to the station straight after work, and caught the earliest train I could catch, passing Bargin Booze along the way to Number 69. I got there and drank and ate and watched RomComs and Bake Off until we all fell asleep and the cat crawled on my face a few times. 

Unfortunately it had conspired that Red couldn't make it on this occasion so we were more or less transported to the place in time that we were at almost a year ago (and that's transported mentally rather than geographically), and in that meaning I mean that we ate, sat, and watched RomComs with John Cusack in and not much else. It was even odd to note that I slept upstairs for the first time in a long while, and I think I may have kicked something I shouldn't have in my sleep. 

We watched High Fidelity and I was going to run through a few Top 5's, but I'm sure that'd bore you to death, or not, who knows. I have already written a Top 5 blog thing, a year ago when I watched High Fidelity believe it or not, maybe you could read that instead? Although, on second thoughts, and second reading, it looks like a child has written it. It's amazing to see the difference a year can make to writing style alone, among other things.

I remember being quite conscious at one point, just eyes closed, thinking about the world and stuff, all the while with a constant drip-drip-drip going on just to the left of me and a persisting thought that I was actually sleeping alone in their house. It wasn't a comfortable feeling. But then a clawing at the door meant that the demon kitty was on the prowl and that it was in fact, close to dawn.

I rose from my slumber closer to the time of day ordinary people wake up and woke the house (as always) and we were soon adventuring to the village of Cowbridge and then to Coffee at Tag's work. 

Now, it's highly unlikely that I'll be able to write a blog tomorrow morning, due to my 9-5, but I'm looking forward to a night at the Theatre with the guys, and I might actually get some writing done. Hey, look at me trying to predict the future...

Carpe diem...

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