Friday, 20 September 2013

Brain The Size Of A Planet, And Here I Am Blogging...

I'm two-types of toast into my day, and the trusty coffee mug sits politely by my side, begging for attention. The sun shuns itself through my window once more and unlike most sun's it is yellow, small, and has planets with life orbiting it. How cool is that?!

As I promised previously, I wouldn't have time to write a blog yesterday, however I can tell you that stuff happened and there was nothing you could do about it. Red invited us all to have spontanious drinks and food at Le Lake Poob it was nice, pleasant, and a good way to wind down the day. Upon returning home I was welcomed to a conversation about politics and inter-faith dialogue as well as a tirade of welsh vocab. Needless to say I went to bed and forgot the whole thing. 

In the morning I was left with a Mallard and a HB asleep on the living room floor, so I left them my keys and advised where they should go for breakfast; Truffles, we should go yo. And went to work and counted down the hours. For that day, was thee day, the day of Hitchhikers! There were people with hats, and people with towels, a woman/man with a blue wig who we don't like because he/she was a wave whore, and most importantly there was the show itself. A wonderful feat of entertaining entertainment. We all dressed up sexily to go see it, some of us more sexily than others, and interacted like a crowd should in a good stage play ("Oh Yes he did!")...

I think Marvin was brilliantly adapted from the forefront of our minds, Zaphod (zA-fod) started to grow on me towards the end, everyone else was as they should be, and Random was much more attractive in real-life than I remember her being on Radio. We had the guest speaker (voice of the book) Professor Sprout, with a few slip of the tongues, mispronunciations, and a tremendous amount of 'r' rolling (Trrrrraal!).

It was a good evening, and like Red said at the time, we should probably do more cultural things. Orchestra, I'm down for that. Gutted we missed the Last Night of the Proms, but then it was raining and cold, do you blame us for not going out, sitting on the Hayes, and pretending to be patriotic? 

The Christmas Lights are going to be switched on on my birthday. Note to self: this is not what I want to be doing for my birthday. 

I have completely downloaded How Long Will I Love You from About Time, and repeat is necessary, you're quite right. The long weekend calls to me, I'll just have to cling to the good nights out we've had this week. 

I have started work on completing my Real World Fiction - it's called Bute Wall. But I thought you knew that already. Where's Tag's RomCom?

I like hugs...

Carpe diem...

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