Saturday, 5 June 2010

Why won't the Rebel Alliance just Quit?!...Take 2.

My first post this evening, sucked.

So as I sit here listening to the 1812 Overture - I emplore you all not to read the previous, aforementioned piece of tripe - and turn your optical nerves towards this post.

Yes, the Rebel Alliance have not been quelled yet, and Smeccles and I haven't even attempted to quell them further since our crushing defeats upon a laggingly white space ship. We even had Darth Vader on our side, and still the good guys won. How is that possible?!

Anyway, I complained enough in the first post about the stupid Rebel Alliance.

Moving on, I'm mostly alone this evening. Out of an 8 manned flat, there are only two flatmates residing here this evening - Smeccles and I. Though that is to change tomorrow evening when Wodge and Pill return from their weekend home.

Where was I? I have no idea. I find writing with music on in the background to be quite a distraction. I don't know how some people do it (Hi HB Sauce). It's an alien technique to me.

As the night draws on, I realise how quiet this place can become. I've never really witnessed it without life before. The echoing halls haunting me with faces on doors. A flickering light, attracting unwanted night life. It's just creepy.

At this moment in time I am in deep conversation with both Chaplin (a non-American friend) and Duckface (an American friend - the name was not chosen by me). They are both of the female variety of the human face, they are both creative, and they both have dark hair. Even now, while Duckface was quoting a poem by Nietzsche (The Stubborn Pen - for those of you who wish to know), and I was telling her that she should feign ignorance and take the credit for the poem. No one will remember that guy. He was too...dull (in my opinion).

Which brings me to the point I wish to make. Writing, tomorrow I will do some writing - and I shall subject you to the amount of writing that will be written, depending on whether or not it does get written or not (it will). It will be of either poetic or science fiction context. And it will be good (I hope).

Which brings me to another point. A 3-Minute Play of mine is being performed in Trinity College Carmarthen on Wednesday at 8pm. Entry is £2-3 and all are welcome (It'll be in the Studio bit at the back). I know, sad right, plugging that, but I'm sure it'll be a night of great stage entertainment. You should come.

I've got to go now. Technically this is already tomorrow's blog, but that's not going to stop me - and you know it (Hi Tag). Other blogs need my immediate attention - for instance, Duckface just made one (not under duress in anyway), and I shall go away and read it now, before bed.

But that's me, until next time bloggers...


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