Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Dumb, de de, dumb, de de, dumb, de de, duh duh, HEY Macarena...

Corridor Disco's are very underrated.

As stated, corridor disco's are the future. Sure there's no where to run, you can't really dance, but by God you can do something. Music blaring, disco lights revolving, all the occupants of the corridor sweating. Life's great when you have corridor disco's.

Okay, so where to start. Hmm...I don't actually know with this one. Every now and then our Flat (ABN4:9) turns into a scene from Fame or something. Everybody just gets up and dances and sings. Things get pretty funky, and we dance the dance of people who aren't afraid of what other people think - the Dance of the Student. No matter the dance, the Student will do the dance, because the Student has nothing to lose. The Student has no money to lose from gyrating hips, the student has no friends to lose because they are doing the Student dance as well, and the Student has no dignity to lose - they've not acquired any yet.

The Disco began in the kitchen with Tag's iPod and (battery powered) speakers - battery's fail people, let's get this straight. But Smeccles comes to Uni more than equipped to take out anything Flat 5 can throw at us - be it Hakuna Matata at 3am.

Disco is coming back - we're going to drag our bedraggled youths into the 21st Century - and by God it will stay that way!

Moving on:
Today I was confronted with an angry message (about the blog) from an ever militant Sunshine, which went something like this:

'But I'm NOT in it. How is this even possible? Don't pretend I'm not your guiding light, stylistically. Furthermore, what's this rot about American English? If it weren't for us, you'd still be wearing mutton chops and NOT watching Glee. Because, you know, we did that.

I should like to continue this faux-patriotic rant, but I have things to attend to. Like making my tea in a MICROWAVE because kettles don't exist here.'

So, yeah...awkward...you're in it now?

The American comment: I was just trying to make a point and (to get me out of further militant actions) I said: 'as a friend of mine would say' (Hi Clareg). So Sunshine - Hi, I hope you've got your Credit Cards back now. (*note: I did not take these Credit Cards, nor did I pay anyone to take said Credit Cards, case closed - Hi Duckhead, in a completely unrelated way.)

However, I have also received some praise for the blogging works, from a good friend who I'll call, Tim-timiny-tim-timiny-tim-tim-timmy - long I know so let's just call him Tim, he'll hate that. He had this to say:

'This blog would be perfect for procrastination, but sadly I no longer need to procrastinate against anything. However, that being said, the inner workings of Big Tom's mind are truly interesting.'

That's a good point, riiight?

Later down the line:
I had something else to talk about, but I've forgotten it, so onto the most important issue of the evening. Yesterday I posted a question to the blogging community - that age old question brought forth from the realms of the playground: If you could have any superpower, which superpower would you have? I was literally inundated with two responses one from Tag (Hi Tag), who chose the power of either Teleportation or Time-Travel (*hint* choose both) and his girlfriend Cherrybelly who chose, well about six different powers (greedy - love you). But then she did something of unspeakable evil, she asked me a question in response to my question - dun dun DUN (I know right?).

The question:
Cherrybelly asked me - if you had a constant companion (like in Philip Pullman's 'His Dark Materials' - the deamons that your born with that have to be the opposite gender than you) What kind of animal would you have and what would be its name?

The answer:
Well Cherrybelly, I think I would definitely have to have a very manly creature - though saying that, the animal would have to be female, and you'd definitely get a butch-lesbian-vibe from it. So scrap that. Something seductively simple. I think my animal companion would have to be a giant fox-type creature - not so giant I suppose - okay, a fox-type creature, maybe a fox, and it's name would be...Vixen? No it's been done. Ember? Stop thinking of Pokemon! Rahrah? - does that count as a name? I don't know, I like it - I might even name one of my children that...

But that's me, until next time bloggers...

P.S. In response to your questionable response of my question Cherrybelly, I have another questionable response: if you were turned into a fruit (it can be any fruit) and had to be a fruit until the end of your days, which fruit would you get turned into and why?

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