Thursday, 17 June 2010


This is the state of Life at which I have become.

Yes indeed, I know what you're thinking: 'Lifeless, how can you be Lifeless?' And no dear reader, I do not write this blog from the grave. Though indeed, I have not also changed the meaning of Lifeless (to have no Life). So how, I hear you say...(say it!)

Well dear reader, I have expended my Life. I am without Life, and therefore I am Lifeless. Understand?

Decrypting, decrypting...

Okay, recently Tag and I have discovered (Tag before I) this series called 'Life' (understand the stuff I did before now?) starring the legend that is Damian Lewis. We watched it, not only because he starred in it, but because it was a good show. And you notice how I say 'was'. Yes dear reader...the show has been cancelled because of too much programming on the American televisual boxes. I find that if the Americans have too much programming, would they kindly give some to us - our British TV has gone steadily southward since the beckoning on the New Year (and only then, I've really watched Doctor Who - which is still fantastic, perhaps even better than it was before). So now you see why I was Lifeless? I have come to the end of the only 2 Brilliant Life Serieses, and (Goddamnit!) I want more! How can you make a show called Life lifeless, gone, not there? (it's silly!)

Moving on: I think Tag and I might just buy Damian's back-catalogue. It'll be so good. I think he should be the next James Bond - you think a blonde Bond has gone too far, wait until you get a ginger one. Also other roles Damian Lewis should play - Robin Hood, King Richard the Lion Heart, A British Man, Owain Glyndwr, A British Captain in a British Version of Band of Brothers, an Aura in Harry Potter, Danny Ocean, The Doctor, Will Smith, Something or Someone in Something or Someone I write, Neo, Vin Diesel, King Arthur, Sean Connery, and God.

Wait a minute...that wasn't moving on!

So, as you know, I've been cleaning out the Attic just so it can acquire some more of my uni stuff (it swallowed some last year). This task is not going well. Which is why I haven't posted anything in a while - that and the last post, my 13th Post, was so unluckily short, that I thought I was ruined for the rest of blogdom. It turns out, as I'm writing this now, I wasn't.

Though I need something to do - and this (and that) will have to suffice, until I get the attic finished. At which time, I shall be partying, and raising the roof (literally), and actually doing some holidaying stuffs - like lounging, writing properly, sunbathing, reading (I know, I said it, don't faint), visiting friends, and (hopefully) traveling around the country/nation, seeing things I haven't seen, but tourists have.

Good idea? Well if you want to join me, comment, and we'll sort something out.

But that's me, until next time bloggers...

P.S. I hope that was much better than the 13th Post.

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