Thursday, 10 June 2010

It's that time of Year again...

Most of my Uni room is now in boxes.

Yes indeedy, it's home-time again for us Studacious lot. Our accommodation payments run out, and the University sees fit to throw us out of their Halls for four months in order to aerate the rooms or something - so that we can just move back in come September. This long and arduous event happens once a year, and this one being my second year. So you'd think I'd be used to it by now.

It's a silly process - I take things from home, and supplant them into a host room from September until June. The problem was, the first time I did this, the room I was living in at home at the time was three-times larger than the room I returned to at the end of the year. It turns out that my advantage taking sibling of a younger brother saw fit to mark his territory in the house and claim the larger room while I was away. Something my darling Mother tried to cover up by saying: 'We're only decorating Ben's room (for that is his name) and he'll be staying in your room until the paint's dry.' Now what she should have said was - to put it most honestly and bluntly - and would have made the blow very much lessened - 'We've moved all your stuff into your brother's room, and all his stuff into yours. We don't care what you think because he's got less stuff than you. So when you get home we're going to put most of your stuff in the attic for four months until you go back 'Home'' (as my sister likes to call the place I stay when I'm not with them).

Nice, don't you think?

So yes, I was exiled to the end of the corridor, the box room, the room where my bed is the room, and when I sleep my head is against one wall and my feet are against the other. But it's alright, I get to be cramped again soon enough - come Saturday.

Though there is one other thing about being home that I enjoy, other than spending time with my family, and that's the Garden. I like our Garden, it's big, it's green, and on sunny days you can just sit there and not care about anything else. It's our own little piece of Eden. And it's where I grow my Pumpkins (I hope).

My Father recently - with the help of my brother and I - opened a veg patch on our lawn, much to Mother's disapproval. So here is where I had hoped to plant some of my delightful Pumpkins. But no, not yet it would seem. We have sweet peas, lettuces, carrots, cauliflowers, beans, etc. but no Pumpkins yet.

Okay, I know. I don't actually eat the Pumpkins, and the one's that do grow get turned into Jack'O'Lanterns - I just like the wild way in which they wind and grow. So I suppose, no wonder they've not got a place in the veg patch.

Oh God. I've just realised I've been talking about vegetables for far too long now.

Moving on...other things about being home that I enjoy, include: seeing friends...that is all. Is that really all? My family, my friends, the Garden? Are they the only factors of home I really do enjoy? Hmm, that's interesting - I don't know.

But that's me, until next time bloggers...

P.S. For future reference Cherrybelly answering my question is fine, but asking me the question I just asked you...could you think of something else please?
P.S.S. I want it to be known that in a movie of my life I would like the actor Damian Lewis to play me. Sure I'm not ginger or have a chiseled bod like him - but I'm sure we're made up of the same amount of cool, which for further notice shall now be called 'docious'. That is all.

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