Friday, 4 June 2010

Breakfast at Tiffanys...

I have a girlfriend.

Okay in the intervening time between then and now, I have acquired what some would call a girlfriend. She has long wavy red hair, lovely blue-green eyes, a curvaceous figure, and a brilliant personality to complement mine. I'm so happy. We went to town, we had dinner and drinks, and then we just walked back in the warm summer night. The moon was up, the stars were out, and the streets were empty. It was perfect. She was lovely, the night was lovely, everything was just so, dare I say it, lovely. But then I woke up...

Alright, so I don't have a girlfriend, so what? It's not like I'm lonely or anything.

Back to reality:
Believe it or not, instead of staying in today, because that would be a logical thing to do since we went out in the daylight only just yesterday, we went out again. A mutual friend of the flat, Jimbo, called me up at 10:55am and started to discuss the possibility of a Frankie and Benny's Breakfast. He said they serve breakfast until 12:00pm. This I thought was a bit late for breakfast so I rallied the troops together, much like Tag did on the previous day, already mentioned.

(Hi Tag!!!)

Anyway, so I managed to wake everyone who wanted to come, and get them all ready within 10 minutes. A world record for most of the ladies who came with us - not to name any names (Bells and Scurvy). So we left at 11:10am down there for 11:20am and I had American Pancakes with maple syrup. It was Looooooooooveeeely.

So we sat there with Jimbo, wondering what life would be like for people who just don't get up at that time of the day (namely normal Students) and go to breakfast.

I have to think that Breakfast, when done properly is perhaps one of the best and most filling meals of the day. A view both Jimbo and I agree with.

Here we are eating our pancakes, and drinking our drinks. I had Apple Juice (ordinary breakfast drink), Scurvy had tap water (the cheapskate), and there's Jimbo, Bells, and Tag with Alcoholic beverages ranging from a Pint of Bud to a Strawberry Daiquiri. I judged them, though Tag defended their alcoholic breakfast abuse with the phrase, 'it's two o'clock somewhere'. I still judged them.

So after, what was essentially, brunch, we went into the old townstead...again. I failed to acquire anything this time. Namely because I didn't need to, which is always good. Stopped off at Jimbo's, as was our leisure, and see how our friend had been living all that year. It turns out, it was quite well. A nice sized kitchen, a nice sized garden, and a nice sized bedroom. The only downside that I could see, was the overall smell and the lack of any sort of shutting device on the lavatory and bathing rooms (which were the same room as is the usual). This worried me a little, I mean how much protection can a sign saying 'In Use' really be when there's a drunk flatmate around, especially a drunk Jimbo. Not very much, and one of Jimbo's flatmates was a lady (lucky Jimbo - you advantage taking swine - lol - not really).

And that was my day so far - or at least the interesting bits. Quite peculiar, I have to admit, for us to do stuff two days in a row. We do get excitable and the need to calm down and just blog is a great one. So blog I shall.

My back is fine today. I'm in peak physical health, with a high recovery rate (not really, but my back is fine now).

So now I'm sat here writing this, thinking about writing that, and watching Tag blow up Wii Mii's using his ex-world-war-one dog fighting floating plane, on Wii Beach Resort. It's always fun when you turn a typically childish children's game into GTA (for all you non-gamers that's Grand Theft Auto - and an obviously adult sounding game). And I just saw him fly into the centre of a live volcano and burn to death (the poor Mii).

I don't actually know where I'm going with this but I just wanted to ramble which I have done.

But that's me, until next time bloggers...

P.S. I haven't actually written about Sleep-poetry or Chaplin today, things are looking up (oh wait, technically I just did...damnit!).