Monday, 7 June 2010

With Great Power, comes Great Responsibility...

I haven't blogged today, so I need to...

Super Heroes (and for you ladies, Heroines - the plural to Heroine - and you can't have too much of that). The age old question: if you had superpowers, what superpowers would you have? (This was brought on by Disney Pixar's 'The Incredibles')

1. You wouldn't be able to chose your superpower. You'd be born with it, therefore some Superheroes see their powers are a curse.
2. I have no feasible idea of what superpowers I would have. This is mainly because of point A. (also know as point 1.) but mainly because I wouldn't know which one I would want to chose - there's just too many!

The Options:
- The Power of Flight
- Super Strength
- X-ray Vision
- Elemental Powers
- Techno Wizardry
- Actual Filppin' Magic
- Metallurgy
- Laser Sight (Hi Lazer)
- Transfiguration
- Divination
- Defence Against the Dark Arts (Okay, I know I've gone into Harry Potter's Class List, but come on - they're basically the same thing as Superpower descriptions! Aren't they? - does that mean Harry Potter is a Superhero? Do you think Marvel would team up with Bloomsbury and J.K. Rowling and make a comic book entitled - 'The Boy Who Lived' or...something, shorter, snappier, something like...'Harry Potter'! - moving on)

Right so we can basically cover all the Superpowers under the title 'Magic' - but not all people who do 'Magic' are superheroes. Some are Supervillians - I mean, just look at Magneto, Venom, Kingpin, Hobgoblin, Green Goblin, or even Voldemort (that's right - I said it).

I would not, on the other hand, like to discuss the possibility of having a completely useless and dull superpower. A power like the power to converse with Pigeons (how interesting can Pigeons be?), the power to eat one's own head (ouch), the power to have headaches (Hi Tag) - you see they suck. Even the power to have loads of powers sucks - where's the challenge Peter Patrelli? Where is the challenge Superman? (especially Superman - you suck - that's right - I said it.)

But back to the point at hand.


Hmm...the answer is. I don't know. Would I go for super strength to boost my overall character as Big Tom? Would I go for the power of flight - a fat man that flies with the birds (I'd be like a Bumblebee defeating the laws of physics). X-ray vision? 'Oh, hello Madame, I can see your tibia' (no thanks). Elemental Powers - yeah sure, if people wouldn't (and I know they would) adopt the name 'The Green Man/Giant' as my superhero name.

Because, and that's what sucks about being a superhero/heroine, you don't even get to chose your own superhero/heroine name - the tabloids do! If I had the elemental powers thing - I'd want to be called 'God' but no they'd call me *see above for point* - it sucks!

Skipping merrily down the list. I've figured it out - I know which superpower I would want. Prepare yourselves...

I want the Power to do Magic. I'd go to Wizard School, I'd become a child prodigy (if I wasn't already twenty), I'd learn my magics, I'd do magics, and I'd be magics. Life would be easy, because I'd have magics, and I'd also employ and Owl to write and distribute all my post (but where's the magics in that I hear your say - it's a magic owl -duh). Life would be totally docious if I had magics. I'd magic this, I'd magic that. You know that x-ray scenario: 'Oh, hello Madame, excuse me, I have to go do some magic.' I'd be so docious.

Okay - explain the 'docious' thing. My friends in Cardiff (Hi Guys) have started using the word 'califridge' - taken from Supercalifragelisticexpiallidocious - and I thought 'califridge'? That sucks, it's much better sounding if you say 'doucious' - isn't it? (Though some have argued that 'elistic' or just 'listic' sounds better - I'm thinking elastic when I hear those) Anyway, so 'docious' replaces 'cool' and I'm trying to make it the Carmarthen's-much-better-than-Cardiff word for 'cool' - so everything's docious. (It's even gone to America, so meh, meh, me-meh, meh - I'm not childish at all). It'd be so docious if that becomes a worldwide phenomenon. And I'd be it's creator - kind of like the book of Genesis or Pill every morning at 6am.

But that's me, until next time bloggers...

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