Monday, 28 June 2010

To Recap...

Yes, you know what's coming.

I've been away from this blog far longer than I had ever wanted. So now, I feel that I should fall back into the swing of things by recapping, in full, with details (or without) all the time I have spent not blogging, in this blog. You get it? You sitting comfortably? Are you Tag? (Hi Tag!) Then we'll begin.

You know I've finished the attic - or anything I want to do with the attic at least - well it's official. I don't ever want to see that dusty dark room ever again (until September at least). All we have now is the remnants of the clutter, which we have sought to sell on a bootsale (he refers to his previous post) which has not apparated into existence yet, apparently. So downstairs is still sort of messy, but only where it doesn't count.

In the further days of last week, I attended the birthday celebrations of my best and oldest (not by age) friend, Mr Clareg - he is now in his Tweens. To celebrate, we went to Cardiff - the Capital City of Wales - and we gathered together all our friends, and began the night with a few drinking games (Ring of Fire). During the second game, there was a horrible concoction being formed in the centre of the 'Ring' - namely Stella, Bud, Sambucca, and some Jagger. No one wished to drink it, though the person who had received the final King card (the card required for it's receiver to drink the created concoction in the centre of the Ring) was already especially drunk. So I, being the very chivalrous person that I am, took the bullet, as it were. Needless to say, it was an easy drink, and it went down terribly smoothly.

Therein lie the problem. Alcohol makes me awefully warm - I say alcohol, I mean Spirits - so as I was having, what appeared to be 'Hot Flushes', the group decided it was time to hit the town.

Herein lie my problem. I was all ready and eager to hit the town - I had my shirt and tie on (I know, very fancy) but after that pint (The Dirty Pint = the concoction in the centre of the Ring) I found, as those of you who know me, that I had a hard time standing up, walking, and generally traveling anywhere. Though, of course, still being of sound mind. So I was left with the telly-remote and the others went out - as was there will. I spent a good evening on the sofa watching everything from 'The IT Crowd' to repeats of 'Doctor Who' (in preparation for the Finale the day after). All-in-all, fun was had by all. And the next day...

My did everyone else regret going out. Clareg - who's Mother had planned a party for his return that day, was not in the best of places. But his girlfriend (Hi Clareyloo), she was trashed - beyond hungover, she was being poisoned by her own liver. And did the liver love to torture her? We managed to get back to Bridgend in one piece, dropping Clareyloo off, only for Breadman to receive a text from her half-an-hour later stating that she had 'just fallen down the stairs'. Drunk or what?

Anyway, moving on - for it was the day of the 26.06.2010 - and you know what that means...for those of you who don't - it was the date predicted as to when the TARDIS would explode destroying the entire Universe. A pretty big, and brilliantly written, story don't you think? And for those of you who don't know what a TARDIS is, it stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space, it's a machine used by the Doctor to travel all over the Universe - and for those of you who don't know - DOCTOR WHO!!!

Look it up. Anywho, Clareg was worrying that he wouldn't actually get to celebrate his birthday because that falls on 27.06.2010 (well his 20th does/did - you see how I played with Time there? Yep, that's Doctor Who)

Needless to say, the episode was wonderful - in every aspect - save one. How, in the first place, does the Doctor get out of the Pandorica to tell everyone what to do? And yes, the Pandorica opened...again.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue...

So my time has been well and truly spent well and truly. (You work it out)

But that's me, until next time bloggers...

P.S. Where's my blogging Pals? Have they not pulled themselves out of the world of Lost and House?!
P.S.S. Also, today, I've been reading this brilliant comic strip I think you might


  1. From TAG - Dude Rory lets him out with the sonic screwdriver, were you watching? ("Duh" says el) and by letting the doctor out of the pandorica he allowed him (the doctor) to go back in time and give the past rory (Before releasing the doctor) the sonic screwdriver that would allow rory to open the pandorica and free the doctor. And THAT is how he gets out, because the doctor that comes back to give rory the sonic has already been released by a rory with the sonic that he then goes back and gives him....its the whole scene at the stairs before amelia dissapears.

  2. I know - but how does he get out in the first instance, unless that instance goes back to infinity in an everly decreasing rate of existence...