Sunday, 6 June 2010

You Word Twisting Red-Coat!

Hail all those of our race and not.

I have been mortally offended. Have you ever been British? Have You ever had an American friend? Has she ever told you that you were a 'word twisting Red-Coat'? Well I have. But less of that. Is Red-Coat really a derogatory term for the British? I think it could be, but then the term Red-Coat sort of makes me proud. It reminds me of a time not so long ago. A better time. A prosperous time. A British time. And as a friend of mine would say (Hi Clareg) - it all came to ruin with America, we let it slip out of our grasp and so the world fell. People now prefer coffee to tea, they speak ungodly english, and they have no manners. But then, that's me talking about the British Empire as if I were there - Pish posh, toff toff, pip pip, tallyho, and chucks away!

I am Welsh. I am British. Therefore, if you are not any of these denominations then I own you! And you know it (I kid, I kid - Hi Duckface, Sunshine, and Tag).

We've crushed the Rebel Alliance, by the way. Smeccles and I finally trounced the pathetic rebels. I destroyed their tanks while Smeccles destroyed their leaders. And then we captured their Princess, killed their Jedi, and did all around bad things to them. Wookies hurt. Aren't you glad I parted with that vital piece of knowledge.

Today I met Jimbo's brother (one of them). He was a quieter version of Jimbo - though still as quirky. Wodge, Pill, and I were greeted with a big hug from him. It was all really bizarre, but then it doesn't matter. Jimbo's family is our family.

Moving swiftly on...

Yesterday I posted, what I would describe as, crap. So I posted another one. It's much better, you should read that one instead. And in the latter one I promised some writing. To be honest, I haven't done as much writing today as I thought I would have done. I woke up at 10, fulfilled my morning routine, watched this week's Glee (which was Gaga-fied), and then called my dear Mum. Whilst doing this Wodge and Pill returned to the flat, and then it was lunchtime and Jimbo and his brother arrived to meet everyone. So a relatively busy day which had me spend the longest amount of time in my Pj's, I've ever spent conscious (yes I still wear Pajamas, and yes I call them Pj's). But writing I promised you and writing you shall have.

The Meadow-Field Dance

The Meadow-Field Dance
Is quite a place to be.
If you catch it by chance,
I'm sure you'd quite agree.

The bees and birds stare
As the Daisys stand tall,
And dance in the Meadow's Square;
It is the Meadow-Field Ball.

The Buttercups join the fray.
Music bounces all around.
Behold the dancing bouquet
When the Meadow-Field Queen is crowned.

Dandylions skip, jump, and shout;
Taking Daisys and Buttercups alike.
They all dance, all about.
Until the Thunder's strike...

Rain brings the Ball to a halt;
The drops have shattered the romance.
Wait until we sing and exalt,
It was the Meadow-Field Dance.

What did you think? Did you enjoy? You know you did, and you should tell me you did. Comment, and tell me how much you loved it. Compare me to Wordsworth, Chaucer, and Blake - all at the same time. You know I know you know you loved it.

Where next? I think that's it for another day. I would like to thank Wodge and Pill for feeding me this evening. Cod and Mash is a weird thing, but I ate and enjoyed nonetheless. Mmm...Fishy Mash.

But that's me, until next time bloggers...

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