Monday, 14 June 2010

Hey Jude...

Okay, so I think the great song is following me today.

This is a lie. But 'The Beetles' spirit has been unleashed today with Sir Paul McCartney on the Tellybox playing 'Hey Jude' and then right now, my friends, Bread and Cleever, are performing 'The Beetles' greatest hits via the invention of 'Beetles Rock Band' for the Xbox, into my optical nerves through the webby-cam.

But I don't know where I'm going with this, they're a huge distraction while I write this. Especially Cleever's vast amount of cussing when she misses a note.

Today I left the tribes of the At-tic alone, not because I was going to leave them settle after a day of bombardment, but because of my sister and her friends' revision party. Mother just wished to keep the dignity of the house for that sweet moment of a single day. All starts again tomorrow. More and more crap for hauling - all by myself.

So instead, today, I had a visit from HB Sauce. She came to collect her stuff and deliver it I did. We then went and walked around my housing estate. Something I hadn't ever done before I hasten to add. So HB and I walked and walked and walked, around, what has to be, a very dull place. But that's that.

My heart's not really into this tonight - I've been distracted from Life Season 2 for too long, ever since Tag and I watched it all last week. I need to watch it, and it's gone from 11 episodes to 23! This is so epically good news.

On a relevant note: I had a dream about being Damian Lewis (the lead actor in Life) - and can I say, it was completely docious.

So, I'm sad to say - this is my shortest post so far. Tomorrow I shall have a much better post:

But that's me, until next time bloggers...

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