Saturday, 19 June 2010

Enemies of the Universe Unite!

Oh My God...

Well, today started out like any other. I spent the afternoon with Clareg, Clareyloo, and my brother. We played COD, and I discovered I'm getting better at it. Though, it all changed after that. That's right my fellow know what I'm on about, with a title like that.

It's Doctor Who - those of you who disagree with this (Hi HB Sauce) I'm sorry - NOT! Doctor Who, Moffet's done it again. I love the show when Moffet writes it. I also love it when collaborations happen - X-men meets Spiderman, The Avengers, etc. - but when they mix up Vincent van Gogh, Sir Winston Churchill, and Dr. River Song - plus every bad guy in creation - I think it makes for good watching. Not to mention Romans, lots of Romans.

But, and I'm sure I should warn you that spoilers will be occurring after this warning. Amy dying, the Doctor being locked up for all eternity, and Rory hanging around and existing again only to shot the lovely Amy Pond. What a Bastard! (even if he couldn't help it, and even if he doesn't technically exist).

Though, I suppose something good has come of the incarceration of the Doctor, all the bad guys have united in their hatred for the Doctor and become an Alliance of great deceit and nastiness. At least when they hold the Universe to ransom there will be some diversity (namely instead of 'Exterminate!', 'Delete!', and 'Soltar-ha!' - you'll get 'Extelete-ha!' - what do you think?)

With the Doctor locked-up, who'll be there to stop the Tardis from exploding next week? I have to point out, did they lock him up with his Screwdriver or not? And do you think the Tardis is buried at the point where the Doctor will suddenly appear in his prison? Or is it just a Cube? I don't know, should I stop typing now? Should I, should I?!

Also, if he is locked up there for all eternity, will he been using the toilet a lot, or will he just become dead? How about he gets locked up there, and when it opens again - next episode - do you think Mr. Tennant will arrive back and confront everyone he seemed to face during his time as the Doctor?

Stop talking now. Shall I. You shall. Okay.

Moving on. The Attic is getting no where fast. I'm glad to hear that Tag and Cherrybelly are moved in to there newly town based Flat. And the last residents of Flat 9 have left forever.

Also, I was scanning through the followers of this blog, Tag's blog, and Cherrybelly's blog - alright, Tag complains that he's got the least amount of followers, but only by one but then Cherrybelly has two more than me! How did that happen? Is that women united? (tying in with the title there - hi Megan and Niti - follow me if you read this!)

Oh God, I'm so sad. I need to be followed - not like that, I know what your thinking (Hi Tag - yes that's right, I'm usually the follower).

But that's me, until next time bloggers...

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