Saturday, 5 June 2010

Why won't the Rebel Alliance just Quit?!

Stupid Rebels...

Okay, so I was going to start this blog with a strong friendship vibe, and perhaps name my friends and say how much I enjoy their company and inputs into my life. But no - I will not start there. Instead, today, I shall complain to you for the first paragraph about how bloody difficult the Rebel Alliance is on Normal Mode on 'Star Wars: Battlefront 2'. It has annoyed both me and my flatmate, Smeccles, so much, that we have now refused to work for the Empire. Saving our games, and moving on to our separate rooms until which time Smeccles will go out and Doctor Who will have come on. But seriously - our collective score for the last game was 300+ - how can computer assisted teams with scores of 1 or 2 beat us?! It just doesn't make any logical sense.


Friendship is a great thing. I am quite lucky to call several people my close friends. There are those friends who have perfect qualities which I admire very much. There are those who are just fun to hang out with. And there are those who I can trust with anything. Starting from the nearest to my vicinity...

Uni Friends:
These friends, most of whom I have lived with, are some of the newest and quirkiest people I have ever met. The personalities of said group do sometimes clash, however, when the disputes are over, and we've each lost a limb our friendship is stronger. These are the friends who are most likely to have seen me naked (Hi Tag), thanks to others who have decided to pull my trousers and underwear down while I'm having a conversation (Hi Pill).

Home Friends:
These are the people that I've grown up knowing and loving all my life. They are the ones who I usually trust above all the rest. They're the ones I look forward to seeing the most. They're the ones I've usually had a crush on at one point in my life (Hi Clareg). They're the ones I can go to the park with, sit around, eat something, play video games with, watch movies, enjoy myself with (not like I can't with any of my other friends, this should really be in a general friendship section), and of course, get mugged by CHAVs with, while having a pleasant evening BBQ in public. They're the ones I've been beaten up with, their the one's who I have fought side-by-side with.

Distant Friends:
Unfortunately, and it does happen, I do lose contact with some good friends (perhaps, sometimes for my own good). This makes me feel sad. However, when we see each other again, it's like nothing's changed. And perhaps that connection will correct itself once more. I hope that will be the case. And I hope to see many of my distant friends this summer.

Wherever you sit in that list, you should know that I love you very much, and I will miss you all when you're not around. But then that's the beauty of friendship, it's the going and coming back, and wanting to do both that makes friends. Not just the hanging out all the time, but the want to leave and to come back again - that's what makes friendship.

As I write this I think, what would most of my friends say: 'Aww - I love you too Big Tom', 'Homo!', and 'Alright...GAY.'

Christ, that got far too sickening to write - next!

Okay, I don't quite know how to follow that after-school special. Hmm, I am sat in my university halls allocated room ABN4: 9H and I think to myself - where the hell is everyone?!

The truth is, I know where everyone is. It's only Smeccles and I here. And will be only Smeccles and I until the evening hours of the morrow. I wonder what we'll get up to. Will we take on the Rebel Alliance again? Will we watch Doctor Who? Will we watch or do anything at all? All I know is...Smeccles is off out for dinner before Doctor Who - so that plans out the window.


Ten minutes to kill. I'm currently listening to 'This is Home' by Switchfoot. You should check it out. It's nice, pleasant, (dare I say it) delightful.

Don't you find, that when you say you've only got ten minutes to go, you run out of things to say. The conversation goes dead, and you know you're the one to have slaughtered it with you observation. Why the hell do I seem to do that all the time?!

Two minutes gone. And suddenly a thing popped into my head, of a presentation Tag was going to do, but didn't in the end. Involving the words 'Batman' and 'Dinner'. It was funny, but it's his joke, and obviously much better in real life.

Next year, it would seem, all my lecturers are changing. The lovely man who is currently the head of my school here at Trinity is leaving - I say leaving. He's apparently not going to re-apply for his job - not that he should have to. Silly administration. Anyway, I'm annoyed, and I have to have that 'stupid woman' twice next year, semester one and two - there's no escape!

No doubt, next year (the THIRD/LAST one) will be bloody difficult.

But that's me, until next time bloggers...

P.S. Should I write a Western? I'm writing a Sci-fi at the moment, but I watched '3:10 to Yuma' with Tag last night, and it's got me thinking - Deadwood?

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  1. AHH!!! I heard the rumor about that particular lecturer, NOO!!!! He was such a lovely teacher too. Voice like honey...was that creepy? My bad.

    Keep writing Sci-fi, so I can read it! (Not that I wouldn't read your stuff anyway) Or, a compromise, go the Joss Whedon route and write a Sci-fi western. Do it!

    Haha, I don't know who Stupid Woman is, but capitalized like that you make it look like a super hero name. Allow a moment for those mental images to set in.