Saturday, 12 June 2010


Ah, yes...erm...okay!

So, the Football's on, and it would appear, in every household under our yellow sun. It makes me shudder to think why both my brother (who has a bet that France will win) and my mother (who just likes to support England in all their endeavors) are watching. So why must this twice-a-decade event happen? Well - for those of you out there who don't know - some teams are better than others, and every four years they have this World Cup event to allow everyone to compete, but in actual fact only the better teams will win, and win, and win again. What is the point I here you say: I don't really know.

Why do I hate Football?

I don't really know. Perhaps it's because Rugby is soooooooooo much better, a more energetic, and more physical, enjoyable, and action orientated game. Or perhaps it's because of my father. He always likes telling my friends, when they bring up 'THE DEVIL'S GAME' in polite conversation while under his roof, that 'in this household we don't play round-ball sports.'

My father, very much stuck in his ways, and as always, absolutely right!

I left Carmarthenshire today, hoping that I would manage to avoid watching or even catching a glimpse of a single World Cup Football match. It turns out that I have already seen clips of two separate matches already! I've only been back seven hours!

Even now I can hear football. Why is God so cruel?

Moving on: as I have said I left the Uni today, with much huggable huggings from flatmates and the like. It was a horribly emotional event (there's an event more worthy of televisiual entertainment - but then, did I just pitch for Big Brother?) and needless to say, there was a great amount of waving and 'I'll see you soon's floating about.

So I'm here now, writing this blog for the first time in what has been my room for quite some while now. I'm sat on the edge of my bed with a bent back, because I don't have anything to lean back on, writing in a confined space, thinking where to put all the stuff from my uni room. The stuff is in numerous boxes down stairs, and of no use to anyone (especially me). So my first job tomorrow would be to start a massive tidy-up of the attic - fun fun (for those of you who don't know me, this is sarcasm. For those of you who do know me, fine I'll tidy your rooms, or the kitchen every now and then, but you haven't seen my attic).

From the dawn of time things have been gathering dust in my loft space. Forcing all that weight upon the house can't be good for the house. Vast swathes of evolutionary geniuses have been lost to the wonders of that forgotten realm. And the forgotten realm hasn't forgotten the real world. On numerous occasions, during my upbringing, my family has fought with the tribes of the At-tic. I lost my twin to them. He fell in battle, triumphant (I know this doesn't make sense). And now tomorrow, I shall return and claim what is rightfully ours, Our Attic!

Oh God, my brother has started commentating on the football to his friends across Xbox-Live - oh God, I hope he's not playing football on Xbox-Live...ARGH!

But that's me, until next time bloggers...

P.S. Ooooow a question of brilliance...wait a while, while I answer it (oh what fun). Cherrybelly asked: if you had two tickets to go into space and land on the moon or mars or wherever, who and what would you take with you and why? Well Cherrybelly, that's an obvious one, isn't it? I would take the Doctor and Amy Pond with me, and they'd bring the TARDIS with them, wouldn't they? Unless...I think that's cheating the question. Hmm...I would take you Cherrybelly and you Tag (Hi Tag), and we'd go about the universe discovering the wonders of the stars and what not. And we'd bring our laptop's for blogging, DVDs for entertainment, and Jubbly's (okay, pasta) for nourishment. But wait. That's making me sound like some sort of Doctor or other. Hmm. I don't know. I'd sell the tickets to some stupid people. I haven't seen the world yet, with the people I enjoy spending time with, so I think I'll do that first Cherrybelly - using the money I gained from the Space Tickets transaction (I'd be so rich). As always with these things I have to ask a question in return: if you were shrunk down to the size of a pea, what would be your most fearful adventure?
P.S.S. Oh ma gosh, next week's Doctor Who looks completely and totally docious.
P.S.S.S. Oh dear, he is playing a football game on Xbox-Live...ARGH!

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