Friday, 15 November 2013

The Twelve Trials Of Big Tom...

Yesterday was my birthday, and it went up there with one of the greats. Admittedly there were too many people, the Christmas Market was over saturated, and the Christmas Lights were already switched on, but when we went to the pub we could sit and catch up. There's still time for Massive Frankfurters, Admiring the Lights, and shopping in the Market, without the crowds and hordes of people there were last night. 

And as it was a birthday, there were presents, and lots of those. Apparently today I receive my brother's and Saturday I get El's and Wodge and Owen's. Birthday's are fun. I got a percolator and some coffee from my parents, as well as a crocodile onesie, Iron Man 3 from my Sister, Arrow Series 1 from Clareg, a nice scarf and a notebook from Clareg's family, a hand crafted broadsword from HB, a notebook with one of the lines from Real Magic 2 from Tag, a companion cube of my companions from Red - plus spare instergerm pics for it, and a Jigglypuff and Wigglytuff t-shirt from Pill and DarkHorse which reads:
Working my Puff into Tuff
And I love them all, that you very muchly. I accidentally threw Red's present up in the air and it came apart. That was entirely my bad, and I think I really pissed Red off, so much so that drunk Red and I bickered like the married couple we will inevitably become about anything and everything, and she also made me realise I can't answer the question: 'what are you passionate about?' without some proper long thought...

But now it's a new year, and my 25th one at that. I've been thinking I require to do something more with my time, so I'm going to set myself 12 tasks for the 12 months between now and then. Some might be easier than others, but I hope I'll sort them all out. So without further introduction and in no particular order:
  1. Write the first story of Farcliff and Real Magic 2 and 3. (Tag's already helped there.)
  2. Cook/Bake something new once a week. (Pill will let me!)
  3. Explore somewhere new every month. (Anyone want to come? Doesn't have to be around Cardiff - roadtrip?)
  4. Finish Vin Diesel. (End Him!)
  5. Read the Lord of the Rings. (Pahahaha...oh, you were serious?)
  6. Read more in general.
  7. Travel to Places You Think About.
  8. Learn How to Draw again.
  9. Learn a new Language. (I was thinking French or Italian, though Welsh might be a good start.)
  10. Do something memorable. (Venice was a year ago, Uni was 2/3, we need new memories that we're all apart of.)
  11. Live Healthier.
  12. Enjoy Life, Yourself, and Your Friends.
As I said, some are easier than others. And I'm quite certain that half of them are naff and immeasurable. But I'll figure it out. I didn't want to put something like Skydiving on there because a. that's scary as shit and the thought of falling is making my palms sweat even now, but b. I wanted it to be something that we could all potentially do together at certain points. Without the risk of death. If we wanted.

It's going to be a good year already without me adding more things to it, so bring it on. I woke up to this today, Carpe diem guys! x

P.S. I'm passionate about my friends. Their quirks, thoughts, personalities. Their overall characters create my own, and their jokes, stories, and lives keep me going. I enjoy capturing their best and worst qualities in my writing and drawing, and I wouldn't change them for anything in the universe.

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