Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Just Breathe, That's The Key...

I think its fair to say that I shouldn't have written anything in the mood I was in yesterday, and I believe that it was almost wholly down to the nightmare that I had had. It was so strange and it brought me to tears, a grown man like me crying because of a bad dream, I know I'm a sap. 

Though, thankfully, there are things in this world that reminded me to have a good day, Innocent Smoothies with Wooly Hats on for instance, and then realising that there are people in this world that put Wooly Hats on Innocent Smoothies.

Wodgey also talked me out of my mental state, which I'm always grateful for.

So, birthday plans. Pill tells me that everyone gets three days - or so he has calculated, though DarkHorse and HB both got a meal, and Tag got a sleepover and a trip to Alton Towers (it was a long way away I suppose). Therefore, apart from Thursday Night Lights, I've been thinking maybe a fancy meal or something Saturday Evening. What do peeps think?

It would appear I'm a bit rubbish at organising things for my own enjoyment. I've decided I'm going to force myself on Tag's hospitality Wednesday for some writing while he enjoys GTA 5 in his underwear. Perhaps I'll make him walk around the forest with me. We'll see what the weather does.

I think my mother is up to something. She keeps asking me when I'm off this week, during the week. So, maybe that's my third thing. She completely stole my 25th birthday's idea for my Father's 60th and my Italian Mother's 50th next year. Hobbit Dance in a Nature Reserve, Hog Roast and everything, and a 110 Guests to match their ages. She was drunk I suppose.

I've been thinking about Christmas a bit as well. And as it is the only guaranteed day off I will get I will not only spend it with you guys, but also with my other family. My mother has told me that she will drive me to yours after our Christmas Morning. And I hear you going, aww but you promised, in my head but you have to remember everyone's Christmas Mornings start differently. 

Traditionally, mine begins at about 5am when my sister can't hold back her excitement and jumps up and down shaking the whole house screaming 'IT'S CHRISTMAS!' And then there'll be presents from Santa and then there's not a breakfast because Christmas Dinner is so filling. Therefore, I shall ask to be driven after Christmas Morning, and I shall hopefully arrive at about the time everyone wants to wake up 8/9am. Alas it means no me for Christmas Eve, but it's a compromise I've got to make. 

We shall see how that goes down.

Today is a new start, Carpe diem...

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  1. What!?! Getting up at 8! Pah 7 o clock at the latest and you get pink champagne for breakfast!! Lol