Monday, 11 November 2013


Am I really that guy that just writes and writes to get inspiration that isn't around the corner, but will inevitably let you know that he's been writing because he has a blog? This, and many more questions, are still floating around my head after last night's drinking session.

But first let me tell you how I lured Red into having drinks with me on Friday night. Yes, it was entirely intentional, and yes, there was no other motive to the trap. Opting for the Bay rather than Friday Night Rugby Filled Centre (that sounds like a bad doughnut) we wondered in the rain to the Jenkins where a round of drinks was purchased and a chat was had about everything and anything and mostly about the loud mouth who sat behind us. Thankfully he left a short while after I had made it clear I disproved of his loudness. Either way, deciding we were hungry, we left the premises to discover the new Chippy down the Bay, and man were they good, and instead of staying in the warm and comfy booths (candle lit yo) we wondered out into the Bay and found the bench we had found ourselves on many Moons ago talking about anything and everything. We reminisced, watched some fireworks, and ate our chips before heading home.

Saturday Night was my Italian Mama's Birthday, at which I got very drunk from the Clarey Vintage (homemade wine) and listened about far too much family history, from where my Great Grandfather used to live in Cardiff, to bouts of depression throughout the family (the ups and the downs). And there I was also told to inform everyone that they were more than welcome at my Mothers (plural) homes for Christmas and that there was plenty of room and food for them all - I doubt that, but it would be a big family Christmas that hasn't ever happened before ever to my family. Either way, the plan offended a few and I'm just getting most fed up of this talk of Christmas and Birthdays, because I'm not going to make anyone happy what so ever. There's a likelihood that I will be working both Christmas Eve and Boxing Day so why am I going anywhere? As we all know the earliest I'll have to be in work on Boxing Day is 9am and the latest 9:30am. 

And last night I must not have been in the right mindset or something because birthdays and Christmas and other such topics just didn't interest me. Too much playing on my mind already. Tag's denied his mother twice now for Christmas: 
There's clearly no where else she would rather be, than with you her only son!
I had a weird dream last night too. It was a sort of Robocop meets Wizard of Oz meets Frankenstein thing. I think I must have been the patient, or having an out of body experience, when I see these other men with robotic limbs and stuff like that. One has a RoboBrain, another an Arm, and there was one with a Leg, and the nurses sat them down and detached them and removed my body parts to attach them to me. It was horrible, and they gave my parts to the RoboMen leaving me like a piece of scrap. I didn't appreciate it, and woke up very much tired, and in no mood to do anything. 

I just need to empty my mind of worry, anger, and things that aren't or didn't happen. It's not a healthy way to be. I'll be pushing people away very soon (attention seeking as always).

I doubt there'll be a Carpe diem today...

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