Thursday, 21 November 2013

Secret Keeper...

When I start something, I tend to like to finish it. Unless it has no foreseeable end, rather like Skyrim or this blog. Though those are both bad examples because I will continue doing them (can you do blog?) because they're addictive and I enjoy them. Though, I find it quite difficult to sit down and start writing a blog at the moment, and I don't think I can not publish this on the same day I wrote it, at 10am as always.

I've got to put the rubbish out.

And there's clearly nothing better in my mind at the moment. Tomorrow (day off) I'm going to explore the Christmas Market and perhaps 'officially' start some Christmas shopping.

I've got a very good idea for some Christmas Presents after some very recent inspiration. And just then I got some more inspiration. It's going to be an interesting Christmas if I pull this off. And provided it's not snowing, I've got my Christmas plans sorted as well. But shhh, Mum doesn't know, and she's either going to be very angry or very happy to see me Christmas Eve. We shall see.

Well it's now Thursday, a whole two days since I wrote all of that, and do you know what? I think I've got things to say now. The first of which being that I am not a rubbish secret-keeper, and it bugs me people saying as such. And following that line of inquiry, we've all got secrets, some that people know, and others that people don't. Secrets exist, and they're not there to annoy others but they will inevitably do so. It's cruel, but it's life. 
But it was not your fault but mine 
And it was your heart on the line
I really fucked it up this time
Didn't I, my dear?
I did some chores yesterday, like the cleaning and the shopping, before playing Skyrim for a short while, catching up with Master of Sex (controversial?!), before heading out and hitting the park for a little bit. It had been a long time, and it was almost snowing at one point the rain was so fine. I obviously took my camera with me. It was great to see all the world change from green to reds, yellows, and deep, rich, mahogany.

But, as the storm clouds closed in, I chose town and wandered around the Christmas Market, and much to Tag's disappointment, I didn't end up buying him a carved concrete fish named Harriet. Instead I clambered into Waterstones (#watetstones #justsaying) and had some cake and coffee before sitting down and writing about the life of Amy Boatman from Farcliff (I'm not convinced she should be called Amy, but the Boatman bit stays). And it also made me realise that Amy Boatman is Red's character - and Tag agreed. So that question is answered right there. So far the cast reads:

Tag - Thom Gomdar who becomes Rhiss Llesion the freedom fighter.
Cherry - Nellia Senaf, a dryad and woodland spirit of Realind.
Red - Amy Boatman, a Seer of the Future and a resident of Farcliff.
Pill - Nopthom Hill, the Woodsman of Myrddin.
DarkHorse - Nico Evelaas, Wind of the Trees.
HB - Lamia, Lady of the Moon.
GG - Gina Gorbs, a gypsy fortune teller.
Wodge - Resy Whalls, a Dark Elf from Qual.

An interesting array of people I think, but obviously you don't know very much about them. Luckily I've got all your stories up in my head, and on my laptop and places like that. Either way, that happened and then I went to see Tag and we went to CEX before heading for Le Lake Poob. Found our usual spots, and drank waiting for everyone. It was a nice evening, except for my feeling I was getting on everyone's nerves. Paranoia does like to set in when I've been by myself for a day or so. It amazes me that I made it to the age of 24 with the mental state I've got.

It was a memory stick with a Frank Album on it. And it wasn't a Secret. 

Carpe diem Chums!

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