Wednesday, 3 October 2012

A Few More Ups and Downs...

I'd firstly like to start my addressing and apologising to DarkHorse:

'I'm very sorry for forgetting to apply for the list of Civil Service jobs you sent me. I was half way through applying for one when something must have happened, I don't know what it was, or would have been, but it completely slipped my mind until you reminded me today. And unfortunately the application process had ended. I'm sorry for your wasted efforts, but I'm very grateful for your effort

Sorry again.'

And that might lead on to something I may or may not discuss today, it all depends on where my mind goes. In fact, my mind is exactly what I aim to talk about for a short while. I have no clue what it's doing or why it's doing it. I remember dates and times and things, but I really can't remember why they're relevant. I only know I'm busy on Saturday, and Next Saturday, and the Saturday after that, etc., but I can just about remember why. 

Obviously I know what's happening on the 13th, no need to discuss that. Really it should be the 15th, but we're not young and free any more. 

Using Facebook, however, I could tell you that this Saturday is a Cowpot's birthday (look it up, the ice cream is wonderful), but I've started to relate that as the next time I get to see Tag, Cherrybelly, and Wodge (as I've learnt that Pill and DarkHorse won't be present). I suppose that's a very good thing. But my mind's all muddled.

I woke up this morning, and all it seemed to be set on was HB, as cliched as it might sound. It wondered how she was, and what she was doing. (It turned out that HB was sent the same vacancies by DarkHorse and she also failed to apply for them - at least I'm not the only one in her bad books.) And then it thought that how am I going to ignore her, if she's ignoring me. It's quite difficult, to say the least.

Anyway, HB left my mind, not long after I reached the Job Centre (ah yes, it's a Job Centre day). Having been, apparently, unable to find employment for the 9 months I've been on Job Seekers, I've no got a definite time limit of the 31st October or else!...but we'll get on to that.

Advisor, my Advisor if you hadn't guessed, hasn't been seeing me my entire time at the Job Centre, she was newly trained and I waited until August to meet her. And that's only really when the Job Centre became useful to me. Anywho, I gave Advisor a copy of Real Magic, and she seems to be enjoying it. She said it was exciting and intriguing as she read it. She's still reading it, but that was good hearing that (it's only been rejected 3 times so far by Wade and Doherty, Diana Banks, and Johnathon Clowes). 

But that was the good news I received today, she then went on to say the ultimatum. And we got talking, and I should have really been put onto a Government Work Program on the 6th (something Advisor doesn't want me to do because it's for the people who want to stay on benefit) so she boosted me until the 31st. She stuck her own neck out for me. I offered to Sign Off if she was going to get in trouble, and avoid the Work Program, as advised, but she said that she would do this instead. 

So, October 2012 is when I get a job. I have to, otherwise I'll be letting someone else down, and I think we can all agree, I've done far too much of that this month.

Time to get my fucked up life in order. It's not as fucked up as most, but you know. I've managed to fracture my uni friendship circle, I've failed to get so many jobs (due to being unsuitable), and I'm sure I've disappointed all of you at least once.

I can't seem to forget all my failures, my mistakes, and all the people I miss/have wronged, and yet I'm forgetting everything else. Perhaps, if I start getting things right, things might get back to normal, who knows.

Carpe diem, until next time bloggers...

P.S. Hello India, it's been a looong while. I'm glad you think I've grown as a person. I was talking earlier, with Clareg, about how both me and he have changed so much in all our years as friends (I've known him since he was 4).

P.S.S. Tag, talking about what your mother was doing when she was your age sounded awesome. I think my mother was either in Admin or Education and my Father was in Uni until he was 29, the lucky sod lol.

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