Tuesday, 9 October 2012


I will admit that yesterday was a very bad day...

I'm very lucky that none of you have ever seen me on one of my bad days, and if I have a bad day with you, I tend to be able to block it out with other activities.

I think Tag has been the one closest to seeing a bad day and that was on Branagh's Stag Do. But that wasn't a bad day, it was an episode mind.

Tag was also quite right in his blog yesterday. I suck at feelings and shit. I just can't explain them in person. I stumble over words, and I tend to hide behind humour and silence if I can. This blog is my safe area, its a large dose of emotions, on occasion, that people can drop in and out of. People can choose to read it or not, and I can get stuff off my chest. It's very simple. And with this being an unknown blog, its even easier, like a diary anyone can read, but only a few people have found.

But okay then...

Today was a much better day, obviously the thoughts of HB come and go, but they didn't linger today like they did yesterday. I woke up to a phone call from my lovely Job Centre Advisor saying something like:

'You know you said last week, were there any jobs going here at the Job Centre? There is a temporary position, would you like me to submit your CV for you?'

I answered 'Yes' of course, and hours later I received a phone call from someone else from the Job Centre I know, and she invited me to an interview with her on Friday. 

I've also been nominated for an award through my voluntary work. One of my reviews (From Dust) is up for it, and you can vote for me HERE.

And the Publisher I Interned for back in February got back in contact, after I sent my Manuscript to him. He sent it on to the appropriate people and told me that he's going to keep on top of it. I look forward to hearing from them. 

It's amazing how days change so dramatically. I'm looking forward to the weekend again, when I get to see everyone again. I don't know whether I'm particularly looking forward to it because I get to see HB again (naughty me), but it should be fun. I'm picking up GG now so I won't be arriving alone, too early, or too late, so I'll be able to deliver Cherrybelly to the Station on the Sunday if you like Tag. 

I shouldn't get too drunk (I'll be stupid again, undoubtedly - Tag, you're the BT inspector! lol) (unless of course you see that alcohol is required in every aspect of the evening - it's easy to say things when drunk).

Is anyone baking a cake? HB will be pissed if no one bakes a cake. Lots of things to think about.

Carpe diem, until next time bloggers...

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  1. I'm glad things are better, think positive and good luck for your interview xD