Wednesday, 14 August 2013

It Was A Set Up...

This week has somewhat kicked me for six. I just haven't really started off on the right foot, and I'm stumbling along waiting for it to end. I need a holiday, a very long holiday, and I don't expect that I shall return, in fact I mean not too...

But Sunday's Date Night went well. Although, admittedly, that's sort of when this funny business started, though I didn't know it yet. I went to Tag's work with shopping in hand, only to be told that one of his colleagues wanted to talk to me, upon saying 'should I be worried?' Tag replied 'yes.' Nuff said? Either way, I get this feeling like a deflating balloon in my tummy every time someone suggests things like this. It knocks me back, like a nasty surprise.

Either way, it's now Wednesday, and the nasty business that rolls around every six months, in fact it is actually seven months to the day that this was last attempted (Hi Red), has cropped up again. I don't know whether I should be concerned that they only know people in work, or that she shares a name with my mother (people have cringed when I've told them, and then said it'll be fine - Pill disagrees, but then Pill is Pill and displays two points to an argument. A name's a name, you can't choose it), or that Tag himself has been coerced into asking me. 

All I know about her is a picture I've seen, she says I look 'nice', and we share an understanding of Tennis. I feel a sitcom coming on. 

Should I be so skeptical? Probably. Girls call me 'nice' just to be polite. It's code. And it ain't code for 'fit', because let's be honest I'm not gonna get a 'fit', I'm a 'nice' happy' 'jolly' sort of person. And they aren't qualities women look for. It reminds me of something Red told me about how I'm good at making friends, but I can't really remember the conversation either because I was drunk, or I've got a terrible memory for conversations...

Also, this really isn't the week to be doing this sort of thing with me, I'm fed up, tired, and I'm ready to kill the next person who tells me my job must be easy. Three more days to go.

Either way, at lunch I'm probably gonna go say 'Hi', probably with Tag's colleague doing the awks introductions. Woop, and another Woop. 

I've had Whistle While I Work It in my head since Sunday, and I don't think it's going to leave very soon. It's just about the only thing keeping me going this week. Red was kind yesterday saying that I was a good salesman too, both make me smile. It was Snap-It that we played. 

Pill came home yesterday, and we slobbed out, realising too late that we should have cooked something for dinner, instead we had toast (white's the pudding) and watched Up. That's a brilliant and sad film. 

I bloody hope I've got Tag's Birthday off. I get to find out soon. I'm going to hate it if I don't. What else has happened to me that's not been mentioned in Red's blog already? I saw a shooting star on Monday, just the one, but it was worth it. Its amazing when you stare up at the night sky, and you lose focus you don't realise just how many stars there actually are in the sky.

Also, are we actually doing something tonight? Do I have to choke a bitch, now do you believe?

Carpe diem...

P.S. Party Rock Anthem for the playlist perhaps?

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