Saturday, 10 August 2013

Adventures Await...

I've had a recurring dream for the past couple of weeks now, which is odd, since I don't normally dream...

I'm wandering down corridors and corridors, just on going. I'm either with Cherry, Tag, or Red and combinations of the three, and then the corridors start looking like Diagon Ally, and start having shop windows and a glass ceiling letting in more light than shops. It's weird. And then the corridors start widening and start looking a lot like some of the many arcades in the city. Each with a crossroads, and then people start appearing. Hooded, robed, sometimes just norms. I don't know any of them, its like some Inception shit. And most recently, with Cherry and Red, I followed them, and they turned left at one of the crossroads and it led us outside, into the gardens. And I think they were a mix and mash up of gardens from Versailles to St. Fagans. I don't think they mean anything, they're just rather nice to experience.

I'm going to have to cut this blog short again today, because time is, yet again, against me. Tag is coming over in 15 mins, and then we both have our daily commitments to endure before DarkHorse's party in the Valleys. 

It'll be interesting, and I don't know what we'll end up doing. Probably running back to the city, because small towns creepy us out now. I haven't been up there in a year, it'll be nice to see the green mountains again (hills, sorry Cherry). Take me to see some real mountains then. And I'll take you to Tintern Abbey and a load of castles and an island full of puffins.

We've all got our places. And I hope to share mine with you guys (alright, gay).

Carpe diem...

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