Saturday, 29 June 2013

I'm A Bell End...

I like friends. I love all my friends, and I know that me being all sentimental and shit like that at the moment, means like I might miss out a lot of what I planned on saying about every single one of you. Because you're all wonderfully special and brilliant, and you've stuck by me even though I've started to become rather dickish, toolish, and quite frankly an arrogant arse. So, I just want to say thank you...

But yes, recently I've noticed yet another change to my overall personality (I swear if Pill read this he would call the men in white coats). It's not a very big change, but it has made an impact on a few things I say, that I doubt I would ever say again, or remember saying in the first place.

Confidence is a stupid thing in my hands. I'm quite sure of the words coming out of my mouth, and yet the people closest to me don't understand a single word, mainly because I've gone and got them in the wrong order, or they've gone and become some creepy pervy comment (usually accidentally). I know when I'm being creepy and I know when I'm not, so it sort of hurts when people don't understand that I'm not (you get me, blood?!)

For instance, the other night, when shopping in Tesco, Red and Cherry stopped in the middle of the aisle and I put my hands on Red's shoulders to try and move her and Cherry along. I would have done that if it was anyone of my friends stood in the middle of the aisle. As such, the action was perceived by some as the molesting gropes of a sinister swine. And the offer to carry Cherry to bed was yet sincere and found to be creepy. I don't know, I don't think I'll ever get this shindig right.

Cherry, Red and I sat in the Ponty Garden waiting for the rain, drinking in the two o'clock somewhere afternoon, and making light of the music on the boombox. We waiting for Tag to return from work, so we watched countless movies, and ate too much. When Tag appeared we replenished our stocks and continued to eat too much, not drink enough, and watch movies. I got an angry stare for offering to sleep on the sofa, to save the hassle of an inflatable bed, and that was that.

That next day we were driven to town to do our daily tasks, and I was to train to the Big End for Clareg's birthday get-together. It rained almost the entire way from the train station to his house, and since departing the train, I didn't see a single soul until I reached my destination. I almost took a picture, except I was concerned the zombies might have gotten me if I stopped.

Apparently World War Z, Man of Steel, and The Internship are very good.

I got to Clareg's, and was greeted with Cider (ma fav in a Chalice) and welcomed by a load of old faces. We spoke of life the universe and everything, and much merriment was had. I made plenty of bad jokes that some people laughed at. I met up with an old ex-friend of my sister, and pizza hut was had. And oh how I regret it. Two days of eating large quantities of crap. My body hates me.

Oh well. I got a lift to the station (thank you very much). I got called a bell end for booking the wrong week off work (to be fair, that was a bell end kinda thing to do). And I got back and to bed for about midnight, before waking at 5am, 6am, and finally 7am where I just had a shower.

I finish today at 5pm. If you fancy doing anything, but let me know, but other than that I'm looking forward to day off day (Wednesday) for sleepings. Hi TimTimmonie! (thank you for reading)...

Carpe diem...

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