Sunday, 9 June 2013

A Cat To The Face...

The weekend that was began on Friday, at the most heavenly hour of 4pm. I having done my daily tasks between the hours of 8am-4pm, I skipped merrily on my way bumping into my father who had been wandering into the store.

After a quick catch-up, we passed the time of day, biodiversity week, and the weather (among other father/son topics), and bowed ourselves a goodbye, I flew into action, rushing home to change, for the plans were erupting about me.

I met Red in town, well after gathering wood, wine, and train tickets, and a splendid adventure west was had when we met up with Cherry. We raced to the station (my way still makes more sense), and boarded the train, without it being too crowded. I was pleasantly surprised, and we only used the tickets to pass the barriers.

Once in Out-Of-Town we set about greeting the cat and Tag, and then it was straight to the garden for some well deserved barbe-relax-fucking-drink-cue, and my was it needed. The men burnt my log for the ladies, the food was half frozen, but microwaves solve problems, and tasty deliciousness and all-round drunkenness (after the men reclaimed some alcohol from a nearby provider) ensued, before the inevitable foreplay-orgy-bit.

Upon waking the next morning, the sunshine welcomed hangovers and showers, and I don't think I've ever smelt so bad in my life. I couldn't even imagine it, sorry guys. I made Red buy me a train ticket, and away we went back to the Diff to prepare for the events of the day. Turns out HSBC aren't the world's local bank to everywhere...

As I showered, I recapped and cleaned because I knew the house was going to be receiving guests in the form of HB and Ducky. Cleaning was easy because Pill was out and about. I left before he returned, but not before the plans for the evening had changed.

I met Tag and Cherry in town, and we wandered about finding different picnic supplies, and gathered Tag an eye appointment and some contact-lenses. We had Wow Bar Sammiches (I had one called a Steakwich. Picture, if you will, finely cut steak, with cheese, onions, toasted bread, and some lettuce). We met up with Red again and waited patiently, in the roasting sunshine, for Wodge and Dingle-all-the-way (but Dingle for short). I should mention at this point that we picnicked on the lawns of the Castle, which is quite an awesome thing to do, if you think about it. It was just a pity about all the litter that was left there by the general public.

We wandered around Bute Park for a short while before realising times and lateness, and ventured back into town for the restaurant experience that was Ask. We waited a while for Wodge and Dingle, who had to go move their car, and the waitress took my concern for their lateness and brought over some drinks (water). They arrived, after getting a tad lost, and food was had. I ate some Mushrooms on Toast, and something that was essentially Gnocchi Carbonara, all topped off with some Sicilian Still Lemonade (lush!).

Instead of going to the cinema, we returned to Out-Of-Town, driven expertly, if not slightly illegally (Lympics!) by Dingle, via a shop for booze, wood, and pudding. I failed to buy the last one. But fires were had, topics were discussed, and I fell asleep on Tag and Cherry's rug with a cat clawing at my face. We were watching a movie called The Room (Hi Danny. Oh, hi Mark...), and I passed out on the floor. Its only the second time I've fallen asleep watching a movie I think. The first was also at Tag and Cherry's and the movie was Pulp Fiction (but that was okay, because I've seen and enjoyed that film before). I snored apparently, and as I woke we prepared for bed. 

Tag kept suggesting that Red and I top and tail (as it were), but let's face it, we're just not there yet. I'm almost certain she thinks I'm a weird-stalker-rapist willing to unleash the Devastator (long story) at any moment (but let's face it, I could be). I offered her the blow-up bed (my usual resting place), but she was insistent on sleeping on the sofa. She also threatened to slap me if I snored, which seemingly stopped me snoring. 

The morning happened with more cat related fun, and then goodbyes needed to occur. Red was confused about the arrangements on getting back to the Diff, but everything was okay in the end. We arrived before Tag and Cherry's working schedules, and Red and I went shopping in M&S finding not only reduced food (how was your breakfast?), but croissants! I brought lots for a grand feast of breakfast for Pill, DarkHorse, HB, and Ducky, as I was convinced that they wouldn't be awake yet.

Red and I stood at the check-out awaiting the hour of 11am when, for some reason, M&S could start selling us things. I came a close second in my scanning race, and we were on our way. I left Red at the Bus, and trotted on my way, getting in to the sight of the quartet still sat on sofas being couples, and still in PJs and without food! I provided, and we feasted.

HB and Ducky left soon after, as their conversations seemed to get kinda quiet while I was around. Which I thought was weird, but there you go, each to their own. I showered, and sat out in the sun with DarkHorse a while, before Pill appeared. We had a BBQ'd second breakfast, and books were read. I'm going a very nice shade of salmon. 

All-in-all, it was a perfectly busy, and wonderfully good weekend spent with some superb people, that I doubt I shall ever stop talking too, or stop hanging out with. Thanks guys!

I think I'll go obsess over my instagram now and bake some cookies, or something like that. Sorry for getting on people's nerves and stepping on toes (I'm good like that)...

Oh yeah, Tag and I made out again.

Carpe diem...

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  1. You and Tag made out??? Ha!

    Also, "We were watching a movie called The Room (Hi Danny. Oh, hi Mark...)" You mean Johnny.

    My breakfast was nice, thanks for asking.