Monday, 24 June 2013

Roasting Neighbour's Drinks...

Let's face it body, we're not as young as I used to be, but you've got to admit we're having more fun than we used to. And I think it's time to learn that you are a picker-upper and not the picker-upped. I may have also broken Red's arse, but I'm sure I can explain that one away in a little non-committal, non-predatory manner...

Saturday, the day of wine and pizza, dawned and saw me, myself, and my Mother/Sister hanging around town. For being the shoppers of the family, my Mother and Sister didn't do very much shopping while they were in the Diff. I met them while they had breakfast at John Lewis, and I stayed with them a while after a trip to Primark and the Works. I bought a plug for Pill, and I checked my work rota. Monday morning 11:30am sharp! (WTF? I've got to wait until 11:30 to start work! - so here I am, blogging).

Anyway, I bid farewell to ma famile, and wondered homewards for an afternoon of Halo, before having to return to town to meet with Red as she finished work, as was pre-arranged the evening before. Tag called me as I sat outside Red's Work, and I almost got sat upon by a fat man insistent on eating his peaches. No euphemism intended. He had finished, and wondered where I was, and upon discovering, he met me three-minutes later, badass speaker in-hand. And no less than two-minutes after that we watched Red push a man out of her shop and she joined us.

The trio walked back to mine, and then with Pill and DarkHorse at the ready, we drove to Tesco for 'supplies' and then to Tag and Cherry's to drink said 'supplies'. Fire was loved and lost, than to have never fired at all. HB was there, which came as a surprise to some. We got wet outside (namely my bum), and persisted in the interior dances of a nightclub. The walls started to leak with perspiration, and the tunes blasted out into the night. Neighbours hated us, but who cares, fuck you neighbours!

There was a bra taking off competition (I did not learn anything, join in, or practice), and a boxer-taker-offer award, which I did not win either. HB went around kissing everyone, and checking that I was alright (again - I'm getting tired of that), and I discovered that I could not only lift and carry two women on each arm (thank you Red and DarkHorse - against your will), but I could carry one woman on my front and one on my back, until the one on the back let go of my back and subsequently found herself on the floor. I'm amazed it took us three attempts and that was the outcome each time. I made Cherry touch the ceiling, and Pill tried carrying me in a fireman's lift, before dropping me on my back (so that's where that bruise has come from - it's all lies, they're not even square). The most damage I came away with is a slight graze on my left ankle, and sore muscles.

I didn't drink as much as I hoped, only getting through a bottle in total, and HB kept pushing me off the blow up bed and stole the duvet. Next time I get the sofa. I've also done something to my left shoulder, though I imagine that's something to do with being dropped.

The next morning, some of us went to work, and others went to ours. I went to ours, and forced HB to play Halo, before I allowed her to play Skyrim while I cooked dinner. I did start at 1pm, which wasn't bad considering I didn't have very much equipment or space to do anything. Red came over, movies were watched and food was had. In the end the meal turned out to be mainly mush (which was disappointing) but it tasted alright. The conversation sort of went down hill from there really. Tag and Pill started discussing things that I wasn't interested in. HB made a few remarks about the way I pronounce things (the right way I should add), and I sat there in silence waiting to go home, except I was home.

It was nice, but I don't think I'd do it again, well not for the whole crowd. And besides, roast dinner is quite a boring thing to cook - even if there was Cauliflower Cheese.

Everyone left, I recovered my iPod again, and DarkHorse and Pill did the washing up. We sat and watched a Knight's Tale and the evening was ended.

And I read the definition of glomping and it made me smile. Thank you.

Carpe diem...

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  1. When you put "Mother/Sister" it makes me think they might be the same person.

    Also, stop plagiarising me.