Friday, 14 June 2013

That There's A Belly Button...

That title could be a little insensitive to a certain redheaded individual, but roll with it, it's relevant, sort of...

After my daily deeds on Wednesday I started the arduous trek to the Bay. The walk wasn't strenuous, and the weather wasn't too bad, the only real arduous part was when my iPod decided to pause every now and then for fun it seemed. Needless to say, it annoyed me. But then I received a phone call from Red, and I called her back, but I couldn't get through, so instead I called Tag: 


So, I waited on the side of the empty road and flagged them down, like a NYC cab, and we sped off in the other direction, breaking the law a bit, but nonetheless going the way we wanted. Our destination, and the place we spend most Wednesday evenings (due to my late working times), the Cinema. Our movie, Hangover Part III. Or as the ticket called it Hngvr Prt III which is pronounced as Hung-ver-pErt-ee! (I googled it).

I enjoyed the movie very muchly. As action packed an fun as most action movies tend to be, but it wasn't a Hangover Movie, there wasn't even a Hangover in it! Well, not until the credits of course, but they still lost Doug (I have boobies now!).

We vacated the cinema after the credits, as is our way nowadays (damn you Marvel), and ventured into the smelly air. It does always smell like wet socks down there. We ordered Chicken House (traditions be a mounting I think), and probably stumbled on some doggers on the walk back.

The next day just so happened to be my first day of Holiday (and I think it's more than 10-days now, eek!) so I set about things to do, item first being a haircut. I know I paid, and I physically saw the lady chop parts of my hair out, but it doesn't feel like I've had a haircut. Oh well, maybe next payday. I visited Tag in work, they were talking to a famous so I thought I'd just interrupt. He wasn't too famous, but he is the second Misfits actor I've seen this week. Perhaps they're remaking it, in Cardiff! (that would be odd, but I think the Bay has enough high-rises to accommodate).

Then on the way home I wandered my usual route, and I pressed the button to cross the road by the Castle, I was thinking about walking home through the park. Though something else struck me. Fuck it, the Museum's free I thought, and walked up that way, discovering a small deserted park with another Marquee of Bute statue, and I noticed that they're erecting (giggity) tents opposite the museum. I wonder what they're doing with those. I traversed the museum's floors for a couple of hours, taking in memories of my childhood. My dad would always take us to the Museum when he looked after us. I think he just wanted to get us to learn a thing or two about history and the make up of the world, because I don't think he ever took us to see the art upstairs. Either way, DINOSAURS!

I returned home after, but not before taking three businessmen to the train station (good deed done), and sat and wrote for many many hours, before eating with Pill and DarkHorse and watching Rango with them (That there's a belly button, being a quote from said movie). I then returned to the writing. It's all crappy, but I think I've found plot. Tag's eyebrows rose when I told him that yesterday. I hope you'd be proud. And that's where I am, and what I've been doing. This evening, since everyone has invited themselves over, Red and I have been invited to Tag and Cherry's for the evening. It'll be my first free journey there and back, because DarkHorse is driving, since moving to Cardiff I think. Who knows?

I think I miss driving. It's just like exploring, but with a car. (obvs, you moron)...

Carpe diem...

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