Tuesday, 11 June 2013


A mediocre Monday occurred yesterday, it was nothing special, and nothing bad either, just a Monday...

I awoke in a daze, and very much stayed that way until well after lunchtime when I downed two coffees. I don't think the Nescafe Coffee pouch I had for breakfast was particularly full of caffeine (perhaps I do have a high from it after all).

I don't really have very much to talk about today because all I did last night was bake some cookies, and Pill insists that there are too many for our consumption. He and I also got quite deep again last night (giggity), so much so that we spoke until about 9:30 and then went to watch Wild China without much dinner. It was odd. I had canned soup, and he ate two corn-on-the-cob. 

He and I also realised that we hadn't really had a Chinese in a long while, and we now have the ultimate coffee table for Chinese eating (does that make sense?), so I was thinking Friday. What do you guys think? Or if not, sometime next week? I have 10-days off coming up. I wonder what I'll get up to, I've got nothing planned. Perhaps I'll just get to spend more time writing or something. 

I have some things to do: get a haircut, go home, cook a roast dinner, garden a bit in the rain (oh, yeah, it looks like rain next week. So much for increasing the possibility of Sun, perhaps I'll finish my book.).

I've gotten a little obsessed with Instagram recently, I like photography. Perhaps I'll ask for a camera for my birthday or something, who knows. Is that my thing? Perhaps not: 'knowledge about places and being a people-person' to quote Red. She thought I was an adventurous child and everything (could you imagine that?) Also, knowledge about places? Pill insists that he still doesn't know me. He thinks there's a lot more to know, that I haven't discovered yet. Though I did ask him how I act in an emergency, not that I know whether I've been in an emergency or not. He replied that I was very protective, and also the kind of person to grab a camera.

So, there we are. My flatmate and I spent the evening searching for ourselves, and talking about life and shit (alright, gaay!). He also thinks that I should stop waiting for life and go and find it. I don't think I wait around for life do I?

Carpe diem...

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