Sunday, 2 June 2013

The Smile That Stays With You...

It was Saturday, and all was well. The birds and bees were doing the rounds, the sun was much higher in the sky than most citizens could handle at that time in the morning, and our hero was preparing himself for the day ahead. 

He managed to miss the majority of the sun, though, donning his shades, he marched to and from town without so much of a good morning or a goodbye from anyone. He passed the usual sights of delivery men delivering, shoppers shopping, and pubs and clubs cleaning their doorsteps. Though there was one thing that caught his eye. A soldier in uniform, sat upon the hard stone, begging. Our hero, a swell guy, ignored the poor man, as was his inclination since moving to the big city, and continued on his way; ever with the thought that the soldier might be hunting him.

Later on in the evening, he had arranged with his flatmate, another person of great standing within the community, to have a small dinner with a few guests. Knowing that two of his associates were out of town, there were only two others they could call upon, one had had her phone eaten by a cat, the other was the ever delightful Red. 

The evening progressed well into the dark with just the four, and a marvelous time was had. Countless drinks were drunk, the embers of the coals shone darkly beneath the grate, and the stars were showing their faces by the time the foursome retreated inside. Many more discussions were had, and a bit more drink, though as with all good things, it soon came time to say goodbye. 

Morning quickly approached, and our willing hero ventured out into the night air with the ever delightful Red, and walked her all the way home. Along the way though, he crossed many lines, and said numerous misconstrued statements allowing him to become the fool. He thought a while after he had left Red at her door, and incorrectly gave directions to a drunk. Our hero seemed convinced that he always crossed the line, and no matter how he did it, he always did for good intentions and the laugh, no matter if one came or not.

Our hero was a simple soul with so many complexities, and upon looking up into the night sky to witness a phenomena that wasn't there, he plugged in his music and marched on home.

Carpe diem...

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