Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Lympic Sun, Biches!...

It's now Tuesday, my day off, the day I was meant to be doing very little, the day I was perhapsly going to view Fast 5 and 6 consecutively after I had helped Tag in the garden. But no, today is Tuesday, 9th July and it's Mum's Birthday...

I sent the majority of the weekend, away from home, at either Ponty or the Big End, so it was a bit of a relief to sleep in my own bed last night. After my Sunday Commitments (not religion), I dashed to the meeting place, after being bombarded in the Office with the rest of the work crew, watching the Wimbledon Final. That was fun, air conditioning and tennis. However, I was late, and the iPlayer was delayed. 

Either way, I met with Tag, Cherry, and Red, and we ventured to their homestead and lounged in the garden listening to countless good songs, and drank a little. Cherry slaved over the cooker to make us a fine meal of Bolognese, and we ate in relative silence (and that's a sign of good food). Top Gear was cancelled or something, and replaced in favour of Wimbledon Doubles, something not many people watch. But the hour later involved the Returned. That show be good. The room we sat in got really really hot, and I slept there. The next day I returned (see what I did there?) to my daily commitments, and upon returning home,  I got to see Pill for the first time in a week or so, and his magicing friends from Big End. I was really concerned that I might know the pair, as I was a part of the Big End nerd community for a while. Thankfully, I didn't know them, and set about making myself scarce, weeding, watering, and cooking (in that order). 

They finished eventually and I got Pill to sign Red's passport documents (we going somewhere soon biches!) and he went to bed. I did a few more chores, and here I am. It's 9:30am or so here, sat on the parental sofa, in a warm house, waiting to go to the Gower for the day. I hate beaches, but it's Mum's Birthday.

My Father just walked into the room and looked at me, I said 'Hi' and he said (entirely to himself, but audible) 'Good, that sorts that one out, I need to put some shorts on and water, a little.' I should add, he was completely clothed.

I don't like getting treated like a child, and apparently this house is a house of resentment. My brother and sister are already bickering, my father is quietly sat at his computer, and mum just asked when we were going anywhere. I thought this was your idea? I was just expecting to take her to lunch at Jamie's or something, like she suggested I do on Saturday when I was here last.

I've got a busy week coming up, and I don't think I'll see Pill very much again. He goes to Plymy on the weekend for a week. And Wednesday we've got Date Night (every Wednesday and Sunday?), Thursday Clareg's trying to arrange drinks with an old friend of ours The Bennett (he's far too handsome, successful, and bonkers for you guys to meet him, I'd get jealous), Friday I'm away to Slen's for a quiz, you should see my topic - it's a good one, and Sunday my Aunt and Uncle are in town. When will I get to see that Food and Drink Festival down the Bay?! Saturday perhaps? What say you guys?

I hate the beach. I much prefer Bute Park.

Carpe diem...

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