Sunday, 7 July 2013

Indecisiveness Almost Kills...

Thankfully, due to my ruggedly handsome and superbly brilliant physique it was only 'almost' and not 'actually'...

You may remember how upbeat and fantastically ready for Friday I was, well it happened and I didn't lose a single ounce of that positivity, which was great! (and marvelously annoying for the Work Crew). Having only packed a shirt for hitting a pub or bar after daily commitments, I thought I was ready, however, upon trying to get anyone to do anything I was casually noped out to a quiet evening.

As the day continued Cherry popped to see me, and arranged an evening (the only problem being my lack of overnight bag). Within my half our break I managed to run home and back, and catch the final point in a Wimbledon Semi-Final (hehe, semi...). Which, as it turns out is just over a mile. I ran 2 miles, in under half an hour, and managed to pack a bag! I'm chuffed with myself, even though no one believed I would do it, or actually did it. 

Anyhow, trains were caught, and getting changed in a train toilet is a tricky thing in 20 degree heat and with, quite frankly, appalling conditions, even for a dog to go toilet. And there I was, with the Swingers, sipping cider and eating pie in a very nice pub. I enjoyed myself, sharing onyon rengs with Red because the other two don't like onyons. Talking shit, and that's literal verbal diarrhea, and generally having fun, until V/H/S/2.

And what a load of balls that was. The Americans big up far too much shit. You've been disappointing me a lot recently America, get your act together and get a job! It was even too late to redeem the evening by watching another movie, so we consoled each other and went to bed.

The next morning, I caught the train to Big End, and spent the day doing Gardening that I didn't want to do, mainly because I was told to do it, and mainly because it wasn't gardening, it was tidying the Garden. Washing was done, Mother wanted to wash everything I own, because she still thinks I'm a poor student, and I ate lasagna, before the entire Famile ventured over to Clareg's to celebrate his graduation/birthday. BBQ was had, sunshine, ciders, witty banter, and I got to show everyone how intolerant of somepeople I can be. It's okay, I was in a house of blonde-haired and blue-eyed people. We can talk about the less fortunate when they're not around (riight?). 

Either way the evening came to an end, we all went to bed. I was forced to sleep at home. Which is something of a rarity, in the box room, which boils you when it's warm, and which my head and feet can touch either wall when I lay down, and which has a bed the equivalent to sleeping on a hard floor. Needless to say, I don't want to be doing that again. I don't think my shoulders could take it. 

And now I'm home again, which came as a great shock to my father, as he had hoped to fly helicopters and plant pumpkins with me today. And that would have been very nice, however I have daily commitments. He still insists that no body told him, though he is rather deaf. 

Oh well, after daily commitments today, and missing the Wimbledon Final (come on Murray!), I shall be whisked back away to Ponty by Tag, to eat well and watch gripping television. It sounds like a good Sunday. And do you know what? The sun's out, A-gain!

Boom! Carpe diem...

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