Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Purge Me Now!...

*disclaimer: the thoughts and opinions in this blog are entirely my own and no one else's, unless of course they are Red's.

...that just looks painful. What did they do to deserve that punishment?...

FUCK! I just burnt my fingers on the Iron!...

First thoughts; what a bloody moron, he's just asking to be killed in the Purge because he's such an idiot. But when I say, I wasn't ironing, and the iron was left, abandoned in the living room, plugged into the wall, and switched on, I don't sound like such a fool. Okay, but how did you burn your fingers? You might ask. Well, this is pretty much the moronic bit. I stroke the iron plate almost every morning, to determine whether or not Pill has ironed, and how long ago it was. I know that's stupid/creepy/odd, but I think you'll agree, I'm quite a tactile person.

And apart from that little insight into my weirdness, my hair has started falling out, I think the dent in my head is getting bigger. Is this all a part of getting older?

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure I can be normal. When I'm quiet, mostly, but how rare is that? I've started restraining myself in the sickness, racist, any-kind-of-joke-way that I attempt to do when I feel there needs to be a laugh somewhere there doesn't really need to be one. I've done this mainly at the daily commitments, but every little helps.

I'm just having one of those weeks I think. I've been slaving all weekend, and now into the week, the general staff are all back and I think something strange has gone down because everyone's in a very focused life view of things. Even when I got into the back of Tag's car on Sunday I had managed to piss of everyone by being there, to be fair, I had been fucking with Red the entire time (do I mean that figuratively or literally? - again, too far? Ignore me). Then I was aggressively asked why I was looking at another menu instead of the one we were going to be ordering from? (the food wasn't quite right, you are correct in thinking that). I sat on the arm chair away from people, and watched The Returned. It was good, but it wasn't the grand finale I thought it was going to be, but it is somewhat going the way of Lost I think (i.e. Channel 4 has it now, but after series 2 Sky will buy it and force us to wait even longer for outcomes). We've also, now got to be friends in a year's time, as paraphrased/quoted from someone else. Which, if you think about it, a lot can happen in a year. For instance, this time last year, HB wasn't talking to me, I was on the dole, quiet, lonely, and living at home. Also LYMPICS! A lot can happen in a year. 

Apparently I need to be more confident. I thought I was confident, but maybe I've been straying into the land of arrogance and ignorance far too often. Am I a racist? Probably not, I think I hate equal numbers of everyone from every background and origin. I'm really pissed off that a Thief got away with something I and a few others stopped him doing on more than four separate occasions.

And after the Returned, we watched the Purge. I don't think I had much interest in the film in the first place, and I didn't know much about it, but when the opening credits bit occurred and told me the ENTIRE premise I was amazed it even got green lit. I don't like Ethan Hawke at the best of times, from Dead Poets to Daybreakers. He looks odd, he moves funnily, and he's always seemed slimy. SPOILER ALERT he dies in this film for a stupid reason too, but I think I'm getting ahead of myself. 

The idea behind the film being, just one night a year everything illegal, becomes legal, just to get the animal urges to kill, rape, murder, shag lampposts, and shit on lawns out of the way for the rest of the year. Oh, and this rule only applies to 'Merica! because why the fuck not. And quite frankly, as someone said, that sort of idea wouldn't even spring to mind in the the thoughts of Our Parliament. They'd just bring back the death penalty, easier, simpler, and the people who have done things wrong, get to pay for their crimes, and not the Purge. A film about the 1% killing the 99% due to increased funds, fun, and guns. Unemployment low, due to the unemployed and homeless getting killed every Purge Night lacking the means to defend themselves, economy okay due to not having the unemployed and homeless to support, way of life okay until Purge Night when you all say its okay until someone breaks in, tries to murder you and then rape your corpses. It's a stupid fucking film. Can we watch something actually scary/jumpy next week that gets us thinking there are things in the dark?

I don't know, maybe I'm just in a bad mood for some reason. Tag thought something was up, over coffee yesterday morning. I don't think anything's up, but now I've thought about it, maybe. I've had a night-out cancelled this week, but Pill's Friday Get-Together is going to be one, who knew?!

Who had bets on whether Pill would do the washing up and tidying from Friday/Saturday nights? I returned yesterday to the same state it was in when I left it Sunday Morning. Nut shells on the table, beer can discarded and empty next to that, (right where I left you) washing up littering the sink and oven top, towels on the floor in the bathroom (not where I left you).

Perhaps I'm just being a bit of a pushover buying people shit, doing things for them, and then being a dick about it the entire time. Or maybe I'm not. What, what? Anyone got any thoughts?

Carpe diem...

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