Thursday, 4 July 2013

It's A Kinda Magic...

Yesterday was a day-off, and thusly I utilised it in such a way that meant I cleaned the entire house before midday, did a bit of shopping, and I still managed to fit in ironing, four movies, and a meal...

Because obviously you don't want to hear about my cleaning exploits, I'll skip a bit...just one of the four movies I watched yesterday was a new one, fresh off the press, and hyped up to the max. Now You See Me is a Movie starring Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelsen, and Mark Gruffalo, and occasionally features Is-la Fisher, My Cocaine, More Than Freeman, and Davey-Uglier-Than-Jim-Though-Both-Kinda-Odd-Looking Franco. And as it is an American film it is fun, although it does like to spoon feed you to conclusions before the conclusions are made and spoil all the surprises.

I would have liked to see far more magic, and far less magic, if you get me. The tricks in the movie were proper real magic, and not anything anyone could possibly do, and that spoiled it a bit for me. Though I did enjoy, and noticed a trick with a coffee cup I've done on more than one occasion.

Before the movie however, we Four Horsemen ventured to the realms of Steak and Sheikh where the service was misunderstood, and the chicken came out clucking. The Shakes were good though. Red even spontaneously bled because it was too much for her, that and she bought the largest burger on the table (I helped her a little bit). 

I have a desire to learn card tricks again now, not only because it would help my job, but because I think it would be very very very cool. And I sort of want hair like grownup Jesse, though saying that, the soul patch looked a little OTT. 

In other news, as I went out shopping for presents, I found a map, and it got me thinking about a certain something I could dress up as that wasn't a Hobbit for once. And I think, if I put the effort in, it'll be pretty cool. Pill wants me to get goggles (Steampunk stuff), and I've been thinking about a big long dusty duster jacket. Maybe I could style my hair super-saiyan or Tai-from-Digimon and tint it organgey too. Either way, I'm planning on going as some sort of Cartographer (MAPS!). Though Red did have a good point, why not just Indiana Jones it?

I missed Luther the other evening, so I shall have to iPlayer that shit, and the tennis is still on. Life is good, though it would appear I have some daily commitments on Sunday, Wimbledon Final Day (poo).

Carpe diem...

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