Friday, 5 July 2013

The Loving Smile Implanted On The Memory...

Here comes the Sun...

It's a beautiful day outside, everything is okay and alright...

Lovely day, lovely day, LOVE-ly day...

Daily commitments over and done with, today will be my second Friday of the week. The weekend starts now, as it were in 9 hours time. And as such, I think I've got most things planned. Go to Big End to see La Famile a Clareg's tomorrow, return for daily commitments on Sunday only to travel to Ponty for a big of Bolognese with the Returned - how's that for a slice of fried gold?

All the while the Sun is actually set to get hotter, and possibly hit the 30 mark. Do we dare to dream? The parks will be littered with the bodies of the recently sizzled, the pubs will be surrounded by the sozzled, and the shops will, quite frankly be empty due to the first two reasons.

Oh, and not only that, but I'll probably miss the Wimbledon Final on Sunday, due to said daily commitments.

I miss gardening, one of my potted plants drowned the other day. Apparently, when my mother planted them up she forgot to put drainage holes in the bottom of one of the trugs, so now one of them look far worse than the other. Which is a pity, I hope you'll agree.

Pill and DarkHorse are away again this weekend, back to the Shire with them, visiting friends. Thankfully, this time, I have daily commitments to see me through the inevitable madness that I would surely befall, and thusly yourselves, due to being my readership.

Speaking of readership, I really want to get my short story finished and edited and proofread and all that jazz. Who knows. Who would read it I wonder. Is the time of fantasy-timey (IT'S NOT A TIME PERIOD!) crime drama over?

I don't think so, as long as there are still dreamers in the world. Although, I am wondering where the hell I'm going with this. 

I picked up a free magazine the other day, all about the latest cameras and the best deals. I'm thinking, perhaps I should save up. Or perhaps I should become a better photographer first. 

Red has given me her passport documents for my Father to sign, it's useful having a member of the British Empire in the immediate family, it gets you all kind of perks - namely being able to lord over the lower classes and get your passport signed and shizz. Useful no? Either way, potential holiday in the mix.

I think I miss Pokemon, which is an odd thing to say after just watching Luther (Oh Idris Elba, your voice is heavenly - POWAR, to You)

So yes, sun. I might be in my garden this evening if anyone wants to join me, bring a book and a snack and we'll stargaze like there's no tomorrow! Or I've got this urge to dance in the late afternoon light, hmm. (Alright, gay!)


Carpe diem...

It's a beautiful day outside,
Everything is okay and alright.
Your smile is a vast contrast from the things we said last night. (oh, last night)
Why did I say that line?
If I shut my mouth, we'd be fine.
I've got perfect hindsight in the daytime,
I'm starting to see that
In a perfect situation, I'd be doing things much differently.

And I just thought, thought you should know,
I'm sittin' by myself, but I'm never alone.
In fact, I'm making myself heard,
I've found something louder than words.

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