Thursday, 18 July 2013

Three Nights On The Trot...

From Sunday to Wednesday I spent time in the company of my nearest and dearest. We shopped, ate, and drank, and yet there was no proper dancing, drunkeness, or the inevitable orgy that should have followed. Oh well, that was how my holiday was spent, or at least the first four days of it. 

Sunday, I potted my Pumpkins, they're doing well, thank you for asking, and Cherry met with me to walk down to the Bay to meet Red. I carried 3kg of compost on my back from Poundland to Home in just over 7 mins. I'm EPIC!

Either way, we ventured out into the blistering sun and wondered down to the Bay. A very pleasant walk, and we came upon a Red, standing there in red (believe it or not) with a bow in her hair. We meeted and greeted and ventured further into the Bay for the reason we were there: The Food Festival. We traveled around for a while trying to find some cash points, but failed to do that and ended up in the new Spoons down there - its a very nice pub, and not at all Spoons like. There's so much glass and openness, and a kitchen you can see into! Not a bad place to find yourself after a 20 min walk. The ladies bought drinks and their cashback and we trounced about in the Festival. Free Samples and Tasters galore, mainly of cheese and wine, although a taster pot of Brownie, Strawberry, and Cream for a quid was nice. 

Pulled-Pork Rolls in hand we munched on the move and ended up at the Secret Beach, not such a secret, but lush nonetheless. I might go there tomorrow if I'm so inclined. We spent an hour or so there, bathing in the water and the sun, and cursing the tourists and their speedboats. SWERRN!

The day ended with a BBQ in the boot of Gloria and the group gathered around the telly for the Returned! I'm miffed that this week I can't join in in Date Night, due to daily commitments, which'll turn into nightly commitments for a day (that sounded dirty). However, I think they might hold off to have a Returned double bill for the following Sunday Date Night. Fingers crossed, I finish at 6pm.

The next morning, as we were still all there we went shopping for Cherry's Party. I treated everyone to Frankie and Bennie's Breakfast (she'll have a side of toast with that) and then to homes for showers and plant watering, and then to IKEA. Where we enjoyed our time discovering new ways to store things and finding out the Henry VIII was a Sex Hunter (true story). We returned to Ponty, with the spoils of war and set about food shopping, and then slobbing on the sofa for the rest of the evening.

Party day happened, the only real-ish lay-in I'll be having this week. I woke at 5ish with the urge to empty my bladder, and a rustling of noise upstairs. I rolled over and tried to ignore the pee warning. At about 7ish, I caved, and went, hoping not to wake the cat. 

SUCCESS! I even witnessed Red in the throws of musical laying down passion. Singing along under her breath, waving her arms, and all-in-all having a good time. She waved her good mornings, and I waved back. 

We set up for a party, cleaning and what-not, until eventual guests arrived. A party was had, BBQs were had, plans were made, and a child was present for most of it. Cherry even got a case of birthday madness as she forced us to play strip poker (Tag and I would have lost some clothes if it wasn't for the countdown), and then set about popping all her balloons at the early morning hours. 

Red slept on the sofa that evening as the spare bed had been annexed by a couple (HB and Mallard). She said she was glad of the company and we spoke for an hour or so. Don't forget to be awesome! It'll all work out in the end, and if it doesn't, then it's not the end.

Skipping Wednesday, as nothing of import happened, save for a long journey to Roath Park. I suggest we all go get ice creams and a peddalow on the lake sometime - who's with me? Thursday I spent doing absolutely nothing, and do you know what - that was really bloody tiring. I played Assassins Creed 2 while watching the final series of Fringe. And I've finished both now. What an odd thing that is. 

Fringe got me thinking, how do you say goodbye to your friends, if you know it's definitely the end? And what would happen if it did? I didn't like that train of thought, it reminded me of funerals and eulogies. 

I also, popped out to the Post Depo this morning, that trip took about an hour and a half. Walking around Cardiff is like walking around Venice, everything's so flat, you can just keep going. Or is that just me? Either way, I had a few packages to pick up. And I'm halfway to becoming a handsome looking cartographer. I need maps, and I need a coat or something (although it will be the height of summer).

I need a haircut, and probably not just a trim this time, maybe just a change of style. Perhaps I should stop caring about the scar and let people think that my barber is a bad hairdresser. I don't know. It's at a stupid looking length at the moment. Maybe I'll feel differently next month, who knows. 

And new in, Red's gone and sent away her Passport stuff, do I have enough holiday allowance left to go abroad? I certainly hope so. I'll have to figure it out I think. I bloody hope so. Otherwise it'll be next spring, and ain't no body got time for that.

...I used to think that I
Would never live past twenty five,
And when you think like that, each day
Is a gift if you survive...

Carpe diem...

P.S. When I'm 40...I'll let you finish that.

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