Wednesday, 30 March 2011

PAT Test Man and Other Worthless Superheroes #3...

Well, back by popular demand - in the same day as it's broadcast - we bring you Episode 3 of 'PAT Test Man and Other Worthless Superheroes'...enjoy.

Welcome back, the world is in a very bleak state when we last left it. PAT Test Man was turned from boring to cool, HASP and Estatatron captured and kept the students locked up, their minions, the Porters, led by the Sperminator, had the lecturers under lock and key, and Student Body looked out hopeless as her contacts in the Council failed her, as well as the Double-D. What can she do?

Yes indeed it was a very dark day, so dark some might say it was night, and the street lights filtered their orange glow on the streets of the Campus. Estatatron had fallen asleep in the kitchen of the students, while HASP disappeared to go light a fire on the other side of Campus. PAT Test Man had not noticed the distress Campus had suffered, but when he did he took he PAT Test Machine and confronted HASP.

"You can't do this HASP!" he courageously pronounced.
"Watch me, you can't stop change PAT Test Man," HASP exclaimed while the gasps of nearby students in HASP's fire clutched their necks for breathe. PAT Test Man took his machine and aimed it at HASP. "You cannot PAT Test Me, PAT Test Man, I am not PAT Test-able." he chortled. To PAT Test Man's shock HASP was right. His machine was completely useless. How could he stop them and put back together Campus?

All the way across Campus, Student Body stood in the Attic Bar surrounded by her bodyguard. She knew that the students needed protecting more than she did, because without them she could not exist. She sent out her bodyguard, a small elite force of ninja who were specially trained to convert enemies into friends. The Porter numbers were overwhelming, but they managed to convert two or three of them before becoming plant fertilizer. The new Porters, fought with the old Porters in an unending fight which distracted them all for days.

The screaming from ABN Block was increasing now, and it roused Estatatron from his evil slumber. He pounded on their walls, shaking the foundations of the old, and obviously rushed to build building. Cracks appearing on the already present cracks, and nasty smells erupted from the sinks and showers. Then a couple of someone's appeared in their spandex superhero costumes. It was the Irish Drake and Dr Wright, who's never wrong. Estatatron turned to face them in the crowd of screams filling the corridor.

"You cannot stop us," he had said, smirkily and dressed in his dapper suit. Irish Drake and Dr Wright looked at each other.
"Just watch us."

But that's me, until next time bloggers...

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