Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Morning of Yesterday Dawned...

Well it seems I've not been writing this as much as I have done before now. But as now, as Tag (Hi Tag!), is writing on here again - which I'm very grateful for so I can read something more in the mornings as I get ready to fill my day with meaningless pointlessnesses and of course work.

So here is where I tell you (Hi Tag) why I've been 'manstruating' as you called it. This is mainly because I know you're just about the only person reading this, maybe Cherrybelly and Niti as well though (Hi Guys!!!)

Mainly I've been sad, I suppose, because I am still mourning my Grandfather. It surprises me as well, believe me. Its been five months and he's been floating in and out of my thoughts this whole time. It's very bizarre. But I know he's in a better place now, as much as you doubt it Tag.

But then if I don't tell you the second thing I'd be lying to myself as well. A larger part of this manstruation is, and I know there's obvious nerves about moving in the big wide world, living in it, living away from home, living with friends, living in Carmarthen, living away from home, getting a job, being able to pay my way, and of course just being happy, but no its not any of that. Its actually, believe it or not, as most of these posts involve her, about HB Sauce.

I don't quite know why but it probably because, she properly, officially, dumped me - as much as a person can dump another person they weren't actually going out with. She did this on New Year's Eve, much to my disappointment and well rehearsed lines. But its just been playing on my mind ever since - so I will go quiet some days and pretend to be sad, but I'm just thinking about things that are obviously too big for me to understand.

She just doesn't like me that way which is something I've just got to get over, and no one can help me with it. I think the real problem is that we're good friends and its the closest thing I've had to having a girl friend since ever so I'm just emotionally and mentally retarded and reading signals that just don't exist. I'm a fool.

I promise my next post will be something worth reading and be much happier.

But that's me, until next time bloggers...

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